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How Does a Garage Door Opener Work in Whitney, NV? Panels, Hinges, Motor, Springs & More

There are areas of your house that you should know and understand. There are appliances that may need your attention and the more you know how they look the better you can care for them. Another area of the house that is used regularly is the garage door. This is one of the entrances to a home that many people choose to use even more than their regular front door. The garage door is a large working part of the house that have many moving parts. It is a good idea to know how the door works. That way if something goes wrong you are ready to have it repaired. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines how your garage door works.

Garage Door Panels & Hinges

There are many materials that your door can be made from depending on the style that you choose. There are some doors that have wood, metal and composite material that make up the panels. Most residential doors have panels that are held together with hinges. This is the first area of the garage door that you want to make sure you know all about. The panels should be in good shape and the hinges as well. They need to be able to move smoothly so that the door can operate properly. When the hinges or the actual panels are damaged it can lead to the door not being able to work right. It is a good idea to have your door inspected to ensure that it is not in need of repair.

Garage Door Motor

Most garage doors have a motor that allows you the ability to access the garage with the click of a button. The button is remotely attached to the motor and the motor has to be able to function in order to start the door moving. The motor is something that is attached to other parts of the door and when it is activated the door will start to move. You want to make sure that you have a motor that is kept running well and maintained. The motor might be a problem which can cause the entire door to stop working all together.

Garage Door Springs

The door is not able to move if there is not some sort of mechanism that will cause it to move up or down. The motor is really only the electrical component but there has to be a part that gives the door the tension that it needs to move. The springs on the door happen to be what does that. There are different types of springs that can be used in your garage but they need to be in good shape. If they start to stretch out or become damaged the door will not work. Even if only one of your springs are damaged it can stop the door from working and can be dangerous.

Garage Door Safety Sensors

There is also a sensor that is placed on either side of the door to stop it from closing on an item or person that might be in the path. The sensors are a part of all the doors to ensure that there is not any damage to your car or a child that is in the way. The sensor can detect something in the path and cause the door to go back open. They also can come out of level and cause it to malfunction which will need the attention of a garage door technician.

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