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Pros of a New Energy Efficient Insulated Garage Door Purchase & Installation Upgrade Replacement in Bunkerville, NV

January is a month that brings a renewed vigor and energy with it. People take time to make New Years Resolutions to help make this year the best year yet. Many people set goals to make improvements to their homes. One improvement that may be on your list is a new garage door. As you begin shopping for a new garage door you may want to consider purchasing an insulated garage door. There are many different benefits of having an insulated garage door in your home. Today AAA Action Doors is going to go over some of these benefits with you.

Energy Efficient Garage Door

The first reason that most people think of when they are thinking about the benefits of an insulated garage door is that it makes your home more energy efficient. In today’s world people are more tuned into having an energy efficient home than ever before. Your garage can definitely be a part of your energy efficient home. Your garage frequently is not built to be as energy efficient as the rest of your home. Many homeowners find more gaps and places where air can leak out in their garage than any other part of their home. This makes your garage hot during the summer and cold in the winter. Then every time you open the door from your garage to your home the hot or cold air goes into your home. Insulating your garage door keeps the temperature of your garage more moderate. Then as you go from your house to your garage your home will stay at a better temperature as well.

Insulated Garage Doors are Quieter

Another advantage of having an insulated garage door is that it is much quieter than a garage door that is not insulated. All garage doors make some kind of noise when they operate. Older garage doors are frequently louder than newer garage doors. Loose or worn out parts are typically the cause of the noise that you hear when your garage door is operating. The construction of insulated garage doors makes them much quieter.

Garage Door Insulation Helps Protect Cars from Extreme Temperatures

Third on our list is that having an insulated garage door helps protect your belongings. Your vehicles and any other belongings that have a battery in them will benefit from being stored in a garage with an insulated garage door. Extremely cold or hot weather can cause a shorter battery life; thickened transmission, engine, and brake fluids; low air pressure in your tires; and unreliable spark plugs and wiring. Car repairs can be such a pain to deal with. Car repairs can also be rather expensive. When your garage is a more moderate temperature your vehicle will definitely have less problems.

Insulated Garage Doors are Durable

The last thing that we want to talk about today is that insulated garage doors are more durable than other types of garage doors. As we said above, insulated garage doors are constructed differently. They are made with a steel or aluminum frame. That frame is filled with solid-core insulation. Then it is placed in between single or dual steel panels. This makes the garage door less likely to get dents or have other issues.

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If you are thinking that one of your home improvement projects needs to be an insulated garage door give AAA Action Doors a call today. We can talk to you about what type of garage door you want to purchase and install it for you.

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