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Parts of a Garage Door System in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Opener, Springs, Tracks & More

When it comes to the garage door, there are many parts that work together. There are quite a few moving parts, some with electrical, mechanical, and other different uses that with continuous uses, experience wear, as there many different components. Though they can wear and tear like most things and eventually break down, you can reduce a lot of the normal tear with professional maintenance tune-ups and inspections services. Today, the basic parts of the garage door and the most frequent reason of repair is what we at AAA Action Garage Doors would like to discuss.

What Makes Up a Garage Door System?

1) Garage Door Opener: Over the years, garage door openers have evolved. They can be interconnected to the WIFI and be monitored and controlled through your computer, laptop, smart-phone, tablet, and other such devices as they can be high-tech and be involved with a lot of features. The batteries could simply need replacing, the wiring could be worn, or a number of other issues could be at hand due to the electronic element.
2) Bottom Seal/ Weather Stripping: The weather stripping is the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door, keeps the outdoor weather outside, allows for proper fit for a closed door, and acts as a cushion for when the door closes, as its name suggests. Over time it gets worn and damaged and starts to look cracked and brittle. Dust and debris can blow in, and pests can also come inside when the seal becomes damaged.
3) Garage Door Tracks: The tracks serve as the guide for the garage door to travel up and down on and they are either side of your door and leading up to the garage ceiling. They need to be cleared from dirt and debris as well as inspected to ensure they have not gotten bent or damaged as well as get lubed from time to time. A professional will need to replace them if they are damaged.
4) Garage Door Panels & Sections: In the event if a vehicle runs into the closed door or sports game or children run into the door with enough force, the door panels and sections can become easily damaged. The panels will generally need to be replaced.
5) Garage Door Sensors: There are safety sensors that communicate with the garage door opener on both sides of the garage door near the floor. If something blocks the line of the laser so that it can’t reach the receiving sensor, the garage door will close, and most are programmed to retract. The sensors are just in need realignment when this occurs, generally.
6) Garage Door Hinges: The hinges connect the sections of the door together in order for the door to move and flex. If they get dry, can result in cracking and breaking or other such problems every so on these hinges would need lube.
7) Garage Door Springs: Under a considerable amount of tension are the torsion springs above your door and they lift your extremely heavy door. These springs are quite common to stretch or break and it is crucial you do not attempt to repair it yours. Leave them to the professional since these repairs are dangerous to do without the proper training and tools.

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