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Is Replacing a Garage Door Worth It in Paradise, NV? Age, Physical Damage, Sagging, Discoloration & More

Is your garage door running into a problem that is beginning to need more and more repairs? When your garage door begins to develop a lot of repairs or even one expensive repair, you must ask yourself if you should repair your garage door or replace it. When investing a lot of money in repairing your garage door, some people feel it a better investment to replace the garage door and get a fresh start. If you are not sure whether to invest in repairs or replacement, AAA Action Garage Doors will share a few things to consider to better help you make the right decision.

How Do You Know when Your Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced?

Garage Door’s Age: A garage door can easily last decades and depending on the door material some will last longer than others. Aluminum and steel garage doors can last a very long time, even as much as 30 years or more with proper care. Wooden garage doors do not last quite as long but even with proper care, wooden garage doors can last 20 years or longer. Knowing the age of your garage door will help you determine if it is time to replace it. If your garage door is 20 years old or older, it is probably time for a fresh start and a new garage door.
Weather & Rust on Garage Door: When the weather gets the best of your garage door, sometimes it will force you to seek a garage door replacement. Steel or metal garage doors can develop rust and if not quickly attended to, the rust will eat holes right through the garage door. Wooden garage doors can become weak when exposed to constant sun or get water damage by rain. A wooden garage door needs to be kept sealed or it will rot. If a wooden garage door becomes brittle or has rot, it needs to be replaced.
Physical Garage Door Damage: If a vehicle has driven into the garage door as accidents do happen, there is no repairing the garage door. When the garage door becomes dented and severely damaged, you will need to replace the garage door.

Common Garage Door Problems that Need Repair

Sagging Garage Door: If your garage door is sagging you do not necessarily need to replace it. Most of the time a sagging garage door has a problem with the door’s tracks. The track can come out of alignment and need to be straightened. Other times the springs are out of balance or damaged. When the garage door is sagging you will need to seek repairs rather than replacing the entire garage door.
Garage Door Panel Damage: If a single panel has been damaged, the entire door doesn’t have to be replaced. It is possible to replace only the damaged panel, which will repair the garage door. If you have a damaged panel, do seek repairs quickly. A damaged panel causes stress which can lead to other problems.
Discolored Garage Door: When a garage door becomes discolored you do not need to consider replacement. Where the aesthetics may be compromised and is a sign that your garage door is in need of some maintenance, it doesn’t need to be replaced. If a wooden garage door is discolored, make sure to refinish the garage door. If you leave a wooden door exposed to the elements, it will eventually need to be replaced.

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