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Ideas & Tips for Painting Garage Doors in Summerlin, NV; Best Temperature, Paint, Prep & More

As time goes on, your garage door and its function might still be in great order, but its look has greatly faded. Many homeowners will turn to the quick and simplest option to renew the age of their garage door. They will repaint it. Repainting a garage door isn’t like repainting the inside or even outside of the home. There are a few additional considerations you must take a look at before you begin this project. AAA Action Garage Doors will share a few tips to make sure your repainting project is done properly and get the outcome we know you’re looking for.

Best Exterior Painting Temperatures for Your Garage Door

When planning your project, it is important to consider the weather conditions. You don’t want to do it if it’s too cold or too hot and of course, you won’t want to paint in the wind or rain. So check your weather forecast and find two days with the best weather conditions as is possible. You will want to plan on at least two days if you want it done properly. Make sure you give yourself an early enough start to have plenty of daylight.

Garage Door Painting Prep; Sanding, Cleaning & Taping

Begin your project by scraping and removing the old paint. This may seem pointless but this is very important step if you want to give your garage door a solid look. If your garage door is steel or metal, look for any signs of rust. If found, make sure to sand the rusty areas down to prevent further rusting. Make sure you clean the garage door thoroughly. Some will use a pressure washer. Even a soap bucket and sponge will work. Make sure you rinse all of the soap off after you are finished. Give the garage door time to dry then apply a special prime that will protect metal from rusting. You may want to consider letting it dry overnight. Before painting, mask off the edges of the door and then place a plastic or cardboard liner directly under the garage door. You may want to open the door then close it on top of the plastic or cardboard to prevent the paint from dripping onto your driveway and later sticking to it as the paint dries.

Best Garage Door Paint; Latex Based

Make sure you use a latex based paint and one meant for outdoors. As you begin painting start on one side and go from top to bottom as you work your way to the other side. This will help you apply the next coat quicker; however make sure the first coat is dry before applying the next coat. It is recommended you do at least two coats but don’t overdo it either. You shouldn’t ever need more than three coats. If the previous color or the material of the door is darker than your chosen paint color, you will need to use a coat of prime before painting. Use a roller for the larger areas and use a brush for tighter and smaller areas. After you finish painting the garage door top it off with an exterior sealer to protect it from the elements.

Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Garage Doors hopes that your paint job comes out prefect. We also recommend you do a lube and basic maintenance job on the interior components of your garage door to keep them functioning and operating properly. For any future maintenance, repairs, or replacements, AAA Action Garage Door is just a call away.

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