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Garage Door Spring Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV; Weather Stripping, Inspections, Lubricant, Cleaning & More

It seems like the weather is starting to get warmer and warmer. This means it is time to get your home ready for the hottest time of the year, summer. This includes your garage door. This is a good time to give your garage door the attention it needs to maintain it and keep it working like it should. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about ways to prepare your garage door for summer.

Make Sure the Garage Door Seals & Weather Stripping is in Good Condition

With the brutal heat of Las Vegas, you want your garage door to keep as much of that heat out of your garage as possible. If the seals are cracking and starting to rot, they won’t do their job at keeping cold air in and hot air out. You should be focusing on the weather stripping around your garage door, looking for any signs of wear. If you are concerned about the insulation inside the two panels of your garage door, a professional inspection can determine if you have a problem with your insulation or not.

Spring is a Great Time for a Garage Door Inspection

While you are crossing off your spring cleaning list, add a garage door inspection to it. This is a great time to have your garage door looked at and have any parts that aren’t working quite right replaced before they cause bigger problems. By catching them early, you will more than likely avoid spending more money on replacements after the problem gets out of hand.

Garage Door Lubricant in Spring Time

The dry heat that the summer months bring can be brutal on the working parts of your garage door. This is a good time to lubricate those parts which will help them work effortlessly. When choosing the right lubricant for your garage door, steer clear of WD-40. You should buy a silicone based lubricant or a lithium grease to get the job done. Don’t add so much grease that it attracts dirt and grime, but enough that the garage door works smoothly.

Clean Your Garage Door

After neglecting your garage door and anything else outside during the coldest months of the year, this is a good time to give your garage door a good cleaning. As you clean your garage door, you can look for any signs of wear that could become larger problems down the road like rust on a metal or steel door and rotting on a wooden garage door. This is a good time to touch up any chipped paint that could turn into rust or use a good water sealer to give your garage door the protection it needs this summer.

Garage Door Panel Repair, Replacement & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

This is a good time to evaluate your door and look for any possible problem areas. Don’t let your garage door go unchecked until it just won’t work anymore when you need it to. AAA Action Garage Doors can assist you with any inspections or repairs that you may need for your garage door. Call us today!

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