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How Do I Prepare My Garage Door for Winter in Eldorado, NV? Insulation, Tune Up Maintenance & More

Homeowners perform a variety of tasks to prepare their homes for the upcoming cold as winter approaches. There are many facets to the home that need attention, and your garage door is among them. To make your garage door more comfortable and protect it from moisture damage during the coldest months of the year, it takes several basics steps. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to offer recommendations to make your garage door better endure the winter months in the Las Vegas Desert.

How Do I Weatherize My Garage Door for Cold Winter Weather?

1) Clean Up the Garage. You first must clean it thoroughly before you start winter-proofing the garage. Sweep away dirt, leaves, pests, and debris and make sure to remove all dirt, dust and cobwebs from the walls, garage door panels, and track.
2) New Weather-stripping Installation. You can start the winterization process by starting with the insulation after you’ve thoroughly cleaned your garage. Though you may think of that fluffy pink stuff found in your walls when you hear insulation, proper insulation includes sealing any leaks that may be allowing warm air out during the winter. It is recommended that you examine the weatherstripping found on all your garage’s doors and windows, including the garage door itself before you deal with actual insulation. Fix or replace any broken or cracked areas you find. Since it may result in air leaks and cold drafts, keep an eye on the weather-stripping as it can crack and becomes brittle with time. You will want to take out the weather-stripping, scrape away any sealant that remains if you will want to take out the weatherstripping, scrape away any sealant that remains. Apply the new weatherstripping. Make sure that you correctly measure and align the new weather-stripping so that it forms a secure, reliable seal if you need to replace the weather-stripping for the garage door. Close the door and align your weatherstripping so that the rubber flap gets flattened against your garage door to do this.
3) Improve Insulation. You can start adding insulation in your walls after sealing all of the air leaks. This serves as one of your garage’s protective barriers. With a thickness that matches that of your walls, it is recommended that you use fiberglass batt insulation.
4) Garage Door Insulation. There’s a chance you’ll lose a lot of heat through if it’s not insulated even though you’ve already updated your garage door’s weatherstripping. You should insulate your garage door as well to make sure your garage stays toasty during the cold season. You can purchase a wide variety of kits, including options like fiberglass, reflective barriers and foam boards. You can buy a wide variety of kits, including options like fiberglass, reflective barriers and foam boards to achieve this. Cut the insulation with care so it fits inside the panels of the door when you insulate your garage door. Secure each piece using an adhesive. You may want to replace your current door with a newer, more insulated model if your garage still feels cold after the installation is complete.
5) Consider a Heater. Installing a reliable heater is the last step in winter-proofing your garage.
They don’t really help to warm up the room, though weatherstripping and insulation are great at preventing cold air from getting inside. You’ll need a reliable unit heater, which is affordable to install and doesn’t take up much space if you want the space to be warm.
6) Professional Garage Door Services. Ensuring you’re your garage is operating correctly, you should schedule a tune-up if you haven’t done it in the year and if you have, you will want to schedule an inspection service to ensure parts are properly lubed, tightened down, and operating efficiently.

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