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How Do I Know when My Garage Door Springs are Bad & Need Replacement in Seven Hills, NV?

The garage door on your home has many uses and benefits to a house. Most people have a garage door that acts as a secondary entrance to the house. The large door is what you use to pull your car in to keep it out of the elements. The vehicle is safer in the garage and it also has an entrance to the house. The door from the garage is actually used more often than the actual front door for many homeowners. The garage is also a place that you can use as a storage for things that you don’t need to access all the time. Lastly the actual garage door adds to the overall look, feel and curb appeal to the home. It can add to the value of the house as well. You want to make sure that your garage door is in good working shape. When there is a problem it is a good idea to know what you need to do about it. AAA Action Doors outlines when you need to replace your garage door springs.

Are Garage Door Springs Broken?

When it comes to garage doors there are lots of parts that need to be in good working shape. One of the things that you want to keep a good eye on is the springs. They are large springs that are needed for the door to be able to roll up and down. You may notice one day that the door will not open of close and that is because one or both of the springs are broken. If you look at the door near the top of the opening you should see two springs. They are large and should be a single piece. If you look at them and you notice that they are broken and it is in more than one piece then it can be broken. If the spring is broken you need to make sure that you detach the motor from the door. You can do that by pulling the red cord that is hanging. Then you can manually move the door up or down. You will need to replace the spring that is broken and usually the other spring as well since they usually wear at the same speed.

Stretched Out Garage Door Springs

You can also have a spring that is not actually broken but it can still be damaged. The spring needs to be in good condition and wound tight. This is so that they can withstand the weight of the door and make sure that it is able to pull it up and down. The springs may not actually break all the way into two pieces but it can stretch out and not be able to do their job. You want to look to see if there are gaps in the springs. If there are gaps it means that they need to be replaced to ensure that the door is able to open and close properly.

Rusted Garage Door Springs

The springs are made of metal and that means that they can start to have some rusting. They are usually protected in the garage but that does not mean that moisture will not get in. If there is too much moisture they can start to rust. Rust will lead to the metal becoming weak and that means that it will end up breaking. It is best to have them replaced before they break all the way.

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