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Garage Door Troubleshooting in Paradise, NV; Align Garage Doors Sensors, Change Battery & More

While modern technology is fabulous there are some frustrations that come along with it. Computers, electricity, garage doors, cell phones, kitchen appliances, and more are all things we use on a regular basis. As long as they are working properly life is good but when they break, life gets a little tricky. With all appliances there are common causes that make the item stop working. When we get calls from our customers saying that their garage door is not working there are a few problems that seem to pop up over and over again. Today AAA Action Garage Doors is going to go over some of the common problems that can occur with your garage door.

Try Changing Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote

Frequently we have customers call and tell us that their garage door remote will not open their garage door. If your garage door will not open or close when you are using your garage door remote the transmitter batteries could be dead. This seems like an obvious thing that you would have checked before calling us for repairs but you would be surprised how many of our customers are able to solve their problem simply by changing the batteries.

Clean and/or Align Garage Door Sensors

The next problem we want to address is issues with the photo eyes on your garage door. The photo eyes on your garage door opener transmit an invisible beam between each other that helps to see if anything is in the garage door’s path when it closes. If anything is in the path of the garage door the photo eyes will tell your garage door to immediately go back up to avoid hurting anything or anyone. This feature is an excellent way to keep you and your family safe. If the photo eyes are dirty they will not work properly. Simply cleaning the camera lens on the photo eye can fix this problem. Other times the photo eyes get out of alignment. If they do not point in the same direction and at the same angle it will assume that something is in the way and your garage door will not shut. Try aligning them to see if that helps.

Call a Professional for Adjusting of Garage Door Track

Another place that issues can arise with is the tracks of your garage door. In order for your garage door to move, the metal track that your door runs on needs to be adjusted properly. Sometimes the track becomes misaligned. If this is the problem you may hear a rubbing noise as it is trying to go up and down. It could also slow down slightly as the garage door is trying to go up and down. Readjusting the track yourself is tricky and we do not recommend it. If this is happening to your garage door AAA Action Doors can send one of our technicians out to fix it.

Call a Professional to Replace Garage Door Springs

The last frequent problem that comes up for our customers is broken springs. The springs on your garage door are vital to your garage door functioning properly. If they break your garage door will not work at all. These springs are extremely dangerous to work with. Trying to fix it on your own can result in serious injury.

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While one of the problems listed above may not be the reason your garage door is not functioning it gives you an idea of some common problems that might be occurring. When a AAA Action Garage Doors technician comes out we may find that one of these common problems is the issue and we can easily fix it. We can also fix any other problem with your garage door. Give us a call today!

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