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Garage Door Security Tips in Winchester, NV; Keep Opener Out of Sign, Change Garage Door Code & More

There are many areas of a home that are vulnerable to break-ins. Homes have glass windows and doors that need to be secured to prevent break-ins. However, often the garage is overlooked. It may be surprising for some to learn that the garage is one of the top break-in points in a home. A clever burglar knows how to access a home through the garage and then access the home. AAA Action Garage Doors will share a few garage door security solutions to better protect your home from burglaries and break-ins.

Keep Garage Door Opener Out of Sight

One of the first steps you can take to enhance your garage door security is by keeping the garage door opener or remote out of sight. Many homeowners will leave their opener in their vehicle, either clipped on the visor, on the dashboard, or on the low console. If the remote is in plain sight, it can invite a car break-in. Often a car break-in is thought to steal the vehicle itself, money, or other valuables inside. However, many times it is for the garage door opener. Now an intruder has access to your garage and even inside your home. Even if you keep the access door locked and secured, your valuables inside the garage can be stolen such as tools, which are often resold. Make sure to always keep the remote out of sight or even bring it with you.

Change Your Garage Door Code

For those who want to have a keyless or wireless keypad to open their garage door, these keypads use a number code. Never use the same code for over six months at a time. Code numbers can be given to friends or even neighbors in the event you ask them to look over your home on vacation or etc. To prevent your code being in the wrong hands, it is wise to change the garage door keypad code often to ensure better security.

Garage Door Inspection & Security Improvments

A garage can vary in design. It is common for a garage to have an exterior door leading to the outside of the home, an access door leading to the inside of the home, windows, and the garage door. Depending on your garage layout, you will want to inspect any possible access point. Inspect windows to make sure they are locked and even consider putting security bars over them. If you have an exterior door leading outside, put a security screen door over them, or take the extra measure to make sure the door is properly secured. Next, inspect your garage door. Make sure there isn’t any damaged panels or possible weak points in the door. You can also install a garage door slide lock. For those who go away for long periods of time, a garage door slide lock will prevent the door from opening up. Lastly, make sure the access door to the home is secure with a good deadbolt and the door is solid. There are other door security hardware you can add to the access door to increase security. Another great way to increase security of the garage is making sure there is plenty of lights. Motion sensor lights are a great way to reduce break-ins. Burglars do not want to be seen or have their presence known. A motion sensor light is a perfect deterrent.

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Make sure to look at your garage when improving your home’s security. For garage door repairs, installation, and maintenance, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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