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Garage Door Opens By Itself in Middle of Night in Las Vegas, NV? How to Stop Phantom Opening!

There are many threats you are at risk for when it comes to a faulty garage door. Anything can happen, from burglary to trauma. To avoid any mishap, a garage door opening by itself is an issue that needs prompt dealing. The phenomenon is known as phantom operation when the garage door opens or closes itself automatically. The solutions are pretty simple, and this technical difficulty will often resolve in no time. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss the solutions for a garage door that opens by itself.

Garage Door Button Opener

Make sure there is no pressure and free from debris if your garage door activates using a button as the button is somewhat similar to a doorbell. Making the garage door open itself, the accumulation of dirt and dust can easily cause pressure to build on it. Ensure to check the wiring and circuit connection of the house as well. You may not be checking the circuit where the problem lies though you might be doing everything right.

Safety Sensors

It can automatically open when they detect any block during closing, as the safety features are added to the garage door. Responsible for handling this are the motors. It will immediately open itself up if the door, while closing, finds any sort of resistance. This resistance includes the slightest of resistance, like a shoe or pile of leaves even. After closing itself is improper alignment of floor sensors is another reason for garage door opening. They will stop working if the sensors are put on the tracks, and in case of a bent. Fortunately, if any blocking is present that might cause the garage door to start opening itself, the doors come with a light that blinks. The sensor might need replacing if you do not find anything there.

Radar Issues

Though it is the least common occurrence, radar issues still happen. If it is still opening and closing itself if you find no of your garage door problems, talk to your neighbors. They may have set their garage door with the same code causing the sensors to detect it. Though not completely irrelevant it is a very rare phenomenon.

Control Board / Transformer

You must have a look at the control board if you find no issues with the wiring and safety sensors. Due to the faulty board, your garage door might be opening itself. The main reason for it going bad are sudden power surges and voltage fluctuations. It is a good habit to check the voltage coming in using a multimeter periodically.

How to Stop a Garage Door from Opening By Itself

The sensors work on frequencies and catch radio waves, so change the radio frequency or code. A nearby police vehicle, car vehicles, or your neighbor’s garage door can get mixed are other devices that can be the source. Changing the code and frequency will easily solve your problem if you luck is on your side. Clean the button and the circuit is working as it should. Check for the light streak that indicates a pushed button. Even the slightest bend can cause sensors to malfunction, so check the position of sensors.

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