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Do Garage Doors Need Lubrication? How Often Should You Lubricate Your Garage Door in Centennial Hills, NV?

A garage door is often forgotten and is only maintained when a problem develops. However, a garage should have regular maintenance just like your car, air conditioning system and other mechanical elements to your home. A garage door will lift and close just about every day and with each cycle the garage door will wear down more and more. To help extend the life of your garage door, the garage door should be maintained. One of the most important elements of your garage door maintenance is lubrication. AAA Action Garage Doors would like to explain in more detail about garage door lubrication and why it is so important.

Garage Door Lubrication Makes Door Less Noisy

When the entire neighborhood can hear your garage door opening and closing, your garage door is way past due for basic lubricating and maintenance. When your garage door makes a lot of noise each time it opens and closes that noise is the sound of stress. Not only is the noise of the garage door distracting to the entire household, but the garage door is stressed. Stress will cause premature wear and major repairs. Lubricating helps to reduce the stress and reduce the noise of the garage door. When your garage is making loud noises, it is time for the garage door to be lubricated.

Lubricate a Garage Door Lock

There are many areas or components that need to be lubricated. One of these components is the garage doors locks. The locks can become stiff and even stuck when they are dry. You can find yourself stuck in or out of the garage if the lock becomes stuck. Some garage door lock systems will have a key on the outside of the door. It can break into the lock when the locking mechanism is stuck. By lubricating the locking system you will always be able to access your garage.

Do You Lubricate Garage Door Hinges?

The garage door hinges help the garage door to bend and curve as the door raises. These tiny hinges are found along the actual garage door. These hinges can rust, corrode or become very stiff. When the hinges become tight it will put pressure on the hinges and cause stress on the entire garage door system. These hinges are another component that needs to be cleaned and lubricated. When the garage door hinges are lubed, the door will open much easier, be less noisy, and overall will operate better.

Garage Door Roller Lubrication

Along the edges of the garage door are rollers that follow along the tracks. These rollers aid the garage door in staying in place each time the garage door opens and closes. These rollers can become stiff where the door will drag the roller across the tracks. The rollers need to be kept lubricated to ensure the rollers spin and do not get locked up.

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Other garage door parts that require lubrication include torsion springs, bearing brackets and even your garage door opener. Lubrication is an essential part of maintaining a garage door. Lubricating may seem like a simple task, but to ensure the garage door and all of the needed components are properly and safely lubricated, seek a professional. For garage door maintenance, repair and more, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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