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Garage Door Opener Problems in Summerlin, NV; Remote Not Working, Blinking Light & More

What happens when your garage door stops working, and you’ve only had it for a few years? There are three common reasons that you might be having problems. You can probably figure out what the problem is on your own, but any repairs or replacements should be handled by professionals.

1. Garage Door Remote Not Working Consistently

The hand-held remote uses a battery to send a signal to the garage door opener. An unresponsive garage door opener is usually due to a dead battery. You can quickly determine if the battery is the issue by pushing the button on the wall-mounted control panel. If the door responds, the remote batteries will need to be replaced. The remote control can also lose communications with the garage door opener. You may need to reprogram it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. You may also need to reprogram the remote.

2. Garage Door Opener Blinking Light

There are two photogenic sensors located about six inches above the floor on both sides of the door. These sensors play an important role in that they watch for obstructions. If anything happens to block their view the sensor will send an alert to the opener, and the door will immediately reverse and return to the fully open position. This safety feature should be tested once a month. Press the button on the wall or use the remote to activate the door. Place an object in front of one of the eyes to “break the beam”. If the photo eyes are working properly the door should reverse and go back up. If not, clean the sensors, gently adjust them if needed, and repeat the test. If you continue to have problems, call a garage door expert to have it looked at.

3. Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way

Your garage door works with travel and force settings. Travel limits regulate the points where the door will stop when it opens or closes. Force settings are responsible for controlling how much push or pull is used to operate the door. These settings can both be adjusted. The door needs to be in balance for these settings to work properly. Gaps between the door and the floor can be caused by too much or too little travel and other features of the door can be affected by inaccurate force settings. Testing the balance and force of the door should also be done monthly. Test the balance by disconnecting the power to the door and opening it manually to about four inches off the ground. The door should open smoothly and remain in that position when you let go. If it doesn’t, the door might be out of balance and needs repair. To test the force settings, open the garaged door and place a piece of wood directly under the door. Activate the door and watch. If the door stops on the wood, it’s not traveling far enough, if it doesn’t reverse, the closing force is too much. You will need to have the door serviced.

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