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Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV; Inspection of Hinges, Lubricant on Rollers & Repair of Springs

There are lots of parts that make up your garage door. Most people will use the garage door entrance as the main entrance to their home. When you start to have trouble with the door it can be problematic and it is best to call a professional to have it fixed. You also want to make sure you know about the parts on your garage and what you can do to care for them. You also want to make sure you know when there is a problem with one of these areas. The garage door has to be able move up and down to function properly and that means that the springs, rollers and hinges need to be in good shape. These are some of the components that work together to ensure the door moves up and down smoothly. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what you can do to care for your garage door to help keep it functioning optimally.

Inspection of Garage Door Hinges for Rust

One of the things that you need to keep an eye on is the hinges. The hinges are a big part of the door and helps to move the large and heavy door. There are two major hinges that you can have on your door. One is a standard hinge and one is a heavy duty hinge. Whatever type of hinge that is on your door you want to make sure that they are cared for. The hinges are on the panels of your garage door and hold each piece to the next. The amount of panels that you have depends on the size of your garage door space. Some doors are taller and need more panels while others are a standard height. The hinges should be inspected to ensure they are secure and there are no signs of rusting. If you start to see signs that even a single hinge is not in good shape it is important to have them repaired or replaced by a professional.

Apply Lubricant to Garage Door Rollers

If you watch your garage door move up and down you should notice that there are rollers that are attached to the outer edge. They will move through some channels that are set up and leveled out. The rollers need to be able to move smoothly and have a clear path. When there are problems with the rollers you want to make sure that you stop using the door until they are repaired. The rollers can become seized up or damaged so that they are not able to move properly. This can lead to the door coming off the channels and falling which is very dangerous. Be sure that they are maintained and lubricated on a regular basis.

Call a Professional for Garage Door Spring Repair

The springs are what will create the tension that is needed to move the door. The springs are installed at the top of the door and will give the strength that is needed to move the door. The springs can start to have issue from rusting to stretching out all the way to snapping. It is best to have them both replaced even if only one has been damaged. The springs need to inspected to determine if they are in good shape. Any signs of wear and damage means you need to have them replaced. They can be dangerous to replace and that is why you need to use a professional company.

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