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Do Garage Doors Need Routine Maintenance in Summerlin North, NV? Balance Testing & More

We shared a garage door maintenance guide part 1 a short while back in an effort to help your garage door working longer and to prevent costly repairs. To continue to strive for highest performance and preserve the garage door, we at AAA Action Doors would like to share part 2 of the garage door maintenance guide.

Garage Door Hardware Lubrication

In order to help with friction and wear, moving garage parts need regular lubrication. To keep your garage door working for years, lubrication is a quick and easy maintenance task you can perform without stress. A common garage door problem that lubrication can easily fix is opening slowly. To treat the springs, hinges, rollers, tracks and opener’s chain, use garage-door-specific lubricant. Proper lubrication will keep your overhead door components moving smoothly and correctly.
Nylon rollers do not require lube, though some garage door rollers need lubrication. They will work their entire life span without needing lubricant if your overhead door has nylon rollers. They’ll need lubricating about twice a year, maybe more if they see more frequent use if you have steel or other material rollers.

Balance Testing of Garage Door

Extra stress on the other components comes from an imbalanced garage door. It can potentially lead to severe damage and extensive repairs with this additional stress will cause your garage door to wear out faster over time. Close the door completely to test your door’s balance. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle, typically a red cord after closing the door. Then lift the door manually until it sits halfway open and let go. It will stay in the half-open position if your door is correctly balanced. You might have a cable or spring problem if your door fails to stay in place. Avoid working with them yourself since components are under high tension. Contact a technician for assistance if your door is improperly balanced and leave rebalancing garage doors to professionals.

Replace Weatherstripping as Needed

The rubber seal at the bottom of your overhead door that helps block off your garage interior from water damage and the elements is weatherstripping. To help protect your garage from the rainy season and keep the outside from getting in, you need to the replace cracked or brittle weatherstrip. Saving you money on energy costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the space, weather seals also keep air from flowing between your garage and outside. Always check it during season changes for the best energy efficiency because weatherstripping prevents elements from coming indoors.

Garage Door Safety Features Testing

Always check the safety features when performing regular maintenance. To prevent your garage from closing on objects and causing safety problems, the photoelectric sensor and mechanical auto-reverse features. Wave a broom under the door as it’s automatically closing to check the photosensor. Place a wood plank or brick under the door to test the mechanical auto-reverse. When the door touches the object, it should reverse after you go to close the garage door. contact a professional to look at your safety features if either of these features fails to reverse. Older garage doors may not have any safety measures. If this applies to you, we urge you to get an upgrade to help prevent injury or damage.

Cleaning of Garage Door

Garage doors need to be cleaned and maintained every so often. Grime, dirt, debris and harsh weather will buildup on the garage door. you’ll need to sand and repaint steel doors can form rust spots. Also, look for bending in the door as wood doors can warp when exposed to water damage, they also need regular repainting or re-staining. Use a mild soap and a wet cloth to remove all grime and debris on both sides of the door.

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