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Why Do Garage Doors Need Routine Inspections & Maintenance in MacDonald Ranch, NV?

When it comes to your garage door it can be frustrating if it is not working properly. The smallest thing can make your garage door start to act differently. Today, AAA Action Doors will offer some helpful garage door maintenance tips that you can do to make sure your garage door runs well for longer.

Watch Garage Door Open & Close

The first thing you should do can be a very easy step but a very important one. You need to watch your garage door open and close. You need to watch it open or close automatically and manually. Listen to see if there are any banging or loud noises, jerking, or catching of your door. When you lift it manually you need to notice if it feels heavier than usual. With this step, you need to be looking for anything you notice that is not working correctly. If you notice that something is wrong you need to call a professional.

Clean Garage Door Tracks

It is important that you clean the tracks and the garage door. Over time just like anything else your tracks can start to get dirty with dirt and debris. Brushing the debris from the tracks and then wiping it down with a wet cloth can get the dirt and debris and any grime that has come onto your tracks. Also, don’t forget to clean and inspect your garage door. Make sure that it does not have any rust spots if it is a steel door. Also, make sure that it is not warped from weather damage or that it needs to be repainted

Inspect Garage Door Cables & Rollers

Make sure that you are checking your cables and rollers. If you have noticed that your cables have frayed, torn, or other damage this can be a major safety hazard. If you find these problems on your cables park your car outside your garage and call a professional. Don’t try to repair it yourself because it can be dangerous if you are not properly trained. When it comes to the rollers make sure that they are working well when you open and close your garage. Check to see if there are any cracks or chips or other damage to them and make sure you keep them clean from debris on the tracks.

Lubricate Garage Door Hardware

When you have greased or lubricated springs, hinges, rollers, or tracks on your garage door it will make the garage door open more smoothly. If you have noticed that your garage door is opening slower this could be because it just needs to be greased. Make sure to grease the hardware to help it continue running smoothly.

Garage Door Balance Test

Your garage door must be balanced. If it is not balanced it puts a lot of stress on other components. It also will wear down your garage door faster. A great test to see if it is balanced is to unhook your garage door so that you can lift it manually. Lift it halfway and let it go, if the garage door stays half open then your garage door is balanced correctly. If it falls to a certain side then you know that it is not balanced. Call a professional so you get your garage balanced.

Replace Weatherstripping on Garage Door

You must change out your weatherstripping if it gets cracked or brittle. The weatherstripping is a rubber seal that is on the bottom of your garage door. This seal helps protect your garage from the outside weather getting in. It can also help save you money on energy costs.

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If you notice that something is going on with your garage door do not hesitate to call a professional like AAA Action Garage Doors. We are happy to come out and help get your garage door fixed.

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