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Common Garage Door Problems in Peccole Ranch, NV; Opener Not Responding, Makes a Loud Noise & More

Did you realize that your garage door is more than likely the most commonly used door into your home? Many of us take it for granted. That is, until something goes wrong, and the garage door isn’t working properly anymore. There are several things that can go wrong with your garage door and the opener that helps it operate. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about some of the most common problems we see arise with residential garage doors.

Garage Door Opener Not Responding

Sometimes, you may find that your garage door isn’t responding when you attempt to open your garage door. If this is the case it could be that the opener has come unplugged somehow. If you check the power and see that isn’t the issue, you can also check the circuit breaker to make sure the breaker hasn’t been tripped somehow. If nothing is working, call a garage door specialist to come take a look.

Garage Door Makes a Loud Noise when it Opens & Closes

Like most mechanical things, your garage door opener is going to make some noise as it lowers and lifts the garage door. However, if the noise is all of a sudden much louder or the noise is completely different, it could be a problem. You may have misaligned tracks, parts that need lubrication, or parts that are simply failing and need replacement.

Garage Door Opens then Promptly Closes Again

When you are trying to have your garage door open and it won’t stay open for you, it is frustrating. This is usually a sign that there are failing springs that need to be replaced. It is always recommended that all the springs on the garage door are replaced at the same time. It is also recommended that you have a professional replace them as it can be extremely dangerous.

Garage Door Opens on It’s Own

If your garage door is opening when you are wanting to actually be closed, it could be a problem with the safety sensors at the bottom of the door. You need to make sure they are perfectly aligned, or the garage door won’t be able to close. Another common problem is your neighbors having the same remote on the same frequency, so it is controlling your garage door as well as theirs.

Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way

If your garage door goes most of the way down and then stops at the bottom, it may be a problem with the closing mechanism. You can check the close-limit switch to see if there is a setting that needs to be adjusted as well.

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