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Can You Open or Close a Garage Door with a Broken Spring with an Automatic Opener in Anthem, NV?

You use your garage door every day. Whether it’s to park your car or to store all your toys and tools, you’ll need it to work properly to get these items in and out when you need them. The spring of your garage door will need to be replaced every once and a while. While it appears to be a small part in the overall functioning of your garage door, if it breaks, you will not be able to operate your garage door with the automatic opener.

What is a Garage Door Spring?

Without those small springs, your garage door would be very hard to lift, maybe even impossible. The springs take the torque of the garage door and makes it easy to lift and open. We don’t think too much about this tiny but critical part of the way your door operates. It seems we only think about it when it stops doing its job. The springs will not last forever and will need to be replaced at some point. Replacing it before it breaks down is the best way to avoid problems in the future.

Signs Garage Door Springs are Broken & Need to Be Replaced

Garage doors can act up for a few reasons. How do you know it’s the spring? There are a few symptoms you can look for to determine if the spring needs to be replaced.
• Gap in the garage door torsion spring. You will definitely know that your spring is broken if you see a gap of a few inches in the middle of the torsion spring.
• Garage door cables appear to be broken. A broken spring can cause door cables to become disconnected and fly around. The cables are fine but will only work correctly with a properly functioning spring.
• The garage door cable is hanging down. The entire garage door system is thrown out of whack when the spring breaks. The cables and pulleys can become loose and hang from the ceiling.
• Loud noise in the garage. You may hear a loud sound coming from the garage when the door spring unwinds and creates a crashing sound in the door mechanism.
• Garage door is bent at the top. When your garage door is opened with a broken spring it can cause it to bend at the top. This happens because the opening mechanism is trying to lift an extremely heavy door without a spring to help it.
• The door falls quickly when closing. Again, the garage door is very heavy. When the spring can’t help, the door can’t close gently causing it to drop down with very little motion.
• Garage door movements are jerky. This can happen when one spring in a two-spring system is broken. The opening mechanism can still open the door with just one spring, but not smoothly.
• The garage door is uneven when it moves. The door will become uneven as it moves up and down the track when one spring is broken in a two-spring system.
• The emergency rope won’t open the garage door. All garage doors have a red emergency rope hanging down from the opening mechanism. If you pull on this rope and the door doesn’t open, the spring is probably broken.

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