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Benefits of Energy Efficient Garage Door Insulation in Desert Shores, NV; Quiet, Durable & More

Now that winter has fully settled, in the cold weather is definitely here to stay for the next several months. You are probably looking for ways that you can help your home stay nice and warm. As you have looked for ways to keep your home comfortable have you considered the advantages of garage door insulation? Purchasing an insulated garage door or adding insulation to your garage door has many different advantages. Today AAA Action Doors is going to discuss some of the advantages of having an insulated garage door in your home.

Garage Door Insulation Helps Stop Heat Loss

The first advantage of having an insulated garage door is that it helps reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your garage door. The less heat that escapes out of your garage door the warmer your garage will stay. When you open the door from your home out to your garage if the air in your garage is extremely cold some of that cold air will come into your home. By keeping the air in your garage warmer you can prevent this from happening. This is true if you have an insulated garage door or if you add insulation to your existing garage door.

Insulated Garage Doors are More Durable

The next two benefits are if you purchase an insulated garage door. When you buy a garage door that is insulated it will be more durable than an uninsulated garage door. When manufacturers make insulated garage doors they make them differently from a single layer garage door. First a frame is made and then it is filled with solid-core insulation. The garage door is essentially insulation sandwiched in between steel panels. This construction will hold up better than a garage door that is not insulated.

Insulated Garage Doors are Quieter

Another advantage of an insulated garage door is that it is quieter than a non-insulated garage door. When your garage door is opening and closing it will not be as loud. Older garage doors tend to be loud as they go open and down. As time goes on parts loosen and start to make noises. The construction of an insulated garage door prevents this from happening. The tight construction makes it harder for pieces to get loose.

Maintain Moderate Temperatures with Insulated Garage Doors

An insulated garage door will help protect your car from needing certain repairs as quickly. Harsh temperatures can affect your car. Extremely hot and cold temperatures shorten the life of your battery; thicken the fluids in your car; change your tire pressure; and affect your spark plugs. With an insulated garage door the temperature in your garage will stay at temperatures that will help prevent these things from happening prematurely. Plainly stated, an insulated garage door is simply more convenient. When you go out to your car in extreme temperatures your garage will be a more comfortable temperature when you have an insulated garage door.

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If you are thinking that you want to upgrade your garage door to an insulated garage door, AAA Action Doors can help you. We can help you select a garage door and get it installed for you so that you can enjoy the benefits we mentioned above. Contact us today!

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