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Automatic Garage Door Struggles to Open in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Speed Adjustment, Twisted Tracks & More

When it comes to how much time people seem to need to get things done in a day it is never enough. That is because more and more people are increasing where they need to be and leaving less time to sit around and relax. When there are things that seem to be slowing down your day it can be frustrating and cause you to be irritated. One thing that most people want to do is when it is time to get in the house at the end of a long day is not have anything stand in their way. The garage door is something that can cause trouble when it starts to have issues and is not working properly. There are lots of things that can start to go wrong with the garage door and one of them is when it starts to slow down. It may not seem like a big deal to wait a bit longer to get in the garage but over time it can become worse. It can also start to be frustrating when you are in a hurry to leave or get home. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what could be causing your garage door to slow down.

Garage Door Opener Speed Adjustment

One of the things that you need to know is that when you have a garage door installed there are settings that the technician will set. Most of them are set to the factory level and if they are not adjusted for your needs then they will stay there. One of the things that you might notice is that your garage door is opening slowly or slower then you used to have it open. This is something that can be adjusted but should be done by a professional. They can come out and make the adjustment so that it still is able to handle the movement of the large door as well as speed up. These adjustments are often set at the lowest of the slowest setting from the factory and do have some space to make the adjustment that might fit you better.

Garage Door Lubricant is Needed

You might be thinking that your garage door does not need to be maintained. There are many people that don’t have their door inspected and maintained regularly but it is an important aspect. If you want the door to function properly and to last you need to ensure that it is being maintained. One of the things that the technician will do is lubricate the moving parts of the garage door. There are several areas that require lubrication and cleaning. IF they are not taken care of then the door can start to slow down. The great thing is that you can have a professional out to lubricate the door so that it is not being bogged down.

Dented Or Damaged Garage Door Tracks

Another issue that might be slowing your garage door down is if the tracks are damaged. They can have dents and dings that are making the rollers jump over them of get stuck when they are trying to move. You want to make sure that you have your tracks and rollers inspected for any signs of damage or dents. They may need to be replaced so that the door can move at the correct speed.

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