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Why Should a Garage Door Be Insulated in North Las Vegas, NV? Reduce Noise, Make Energy Efficient & More

Are you thinking about having your garage door insulated? You may have heard a lot of people recommend that you insulate the garage door. But, is it truly worth insulating your garage door? To answer this question AAA Action Garage Doors would like to share some of the benefits of insulating your garage door.

Reduce Noise in Garage

For those who do a lot of projects, use your garage as a home gym, or you simply make a lot of noise inside your garage, insulating the garage door will help reduce the noises. Insulating your garage door will help keep noises in and the outdoor noises out. When you insulate the garage door you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. You will also be disturbed less from the outside noise while working inside your garage. If you want some simple noise reduction in your garage, insulating will achieve this goal.

Make Garage More Energy Efficient

For many people, the desire to insulate the garage door is to improve energy efficiency. So will insulating your garage door improve your home’s energy efficiency? Yes, insulating your garage door helps to improve your energy efficiency in a few different ways. Many people have their hot water heater and its piping inside their garage. During the winter your water heater works hard to maintain a tank of hot water. Due to the cold temperatures inside the garage, the water heater must reheat the water. Insulating the garage door will help keep the inside of the garage warmer in the winter. You get the similar affect in summertime. During the summer the heat from outside will heat up the inside of the garage. That heat also affects the indoor temperature and forces your cooling system to work harder. By providing a barrier from the heat, your garage door will stay slightly cooler. Overall, you can save a total house energy saving of 8% and about a total of 14% from your HVAC system. Even though insulating the garage door may not sound like a lot of savings, working with other energy saving tips you can find a major impact of your home energy efficiency. Lastly, by insulating the inside of the garage, it will make being inside the garage much more comfortable.

Long Lasting Garage Door Insulation

Quality garage door insulation is not something you will have to have redone every year. The insulation for garage doors are both strong and long lasting. Not only is the insulation material durable, but it also helps to protect the inside of the garage door as well. The insulation when properly done acts as a protective barrier from moisture and physical damage. The garage door will not be exposed to moisture, dust and will prevent rusting. To increase the life of the garage door and for quality insulation, make sure to seek out professional garage door insulation services. A professional will provide quality materials and ensure the insulation is installed correctly.

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These are but a few of the benefits of insulating your home’s garage doors. If you want your garage door insulated or require other garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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