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Why is My Garage Door Stuck in Sunrise Manor, NV? Frozen, Remote Not Working & More

Everyone has a routine they use when they are coming and going. Most people have this routine to make sure they lock the house and close the door when they leave. One of the issues you might run into is when the garage door will not open or close. If you are like many other people you use your garage to get in and out of the house. The garage is something that adds a level of ease to your day because you can pull in with your car and then walk in the house while you are protected from the elements. When the garage door is not opening and closing it can put a damper on the day and your overall routine. When the routine is being re-routed it can make you feel uneasy and as if you have forgotten something. There is usually a good reason that the door is struggling to open or close. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what could be causing your garage door to stick.

Garage Door is Frozen

If you pull up to the house and the garage door will not open or you are trying to leave for work and the door is not opening there can be a few problems. One of the issues you might come across happens when it is cold outside. When it is cold outside and there is moisture it can lead to the garage getting stuck from ice. The ice can build up around the garage door seals. If it is a little heavy it can cause the door to stick. The great thing is that this is a temporary problem and it can be repaired in no time at all. One of the best things that you can do is allow the temperature to warm up and melt the ice. This will then allow the door to open and you can get out of the garage. This is not always preventable during the cold and freezing months.

Garage Door Remote Not Working

Most people will depend on their remote to open and close the garage. If you are clicking the button and the door is not opening or closing it can be due to the remote that you are using. The best way to test this is to use the button that is hard wired in the garage near the door to the house. If the door opens when you use this button it can be the remote. The next step that you should take is to change the batteries out of the remote and test it again. This is often the reason that the door will not open. If the door still will not open you may need to have it checked to make sure that it is in sync with your motor.

Can You Manually Open the Garage Door?

There are times that the door is not opening and closing because of the springs. The springs are supposed to allow the door to be balanced and open with ease when you press your remote button. If the springs are damaged the door may not open. You may need to open the door manually to check the springs. You can check the springs to see if they are intact or if they are broken or stretched out. If the door is difficult to open and close manually it is usually due to damaged or broken springs.

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