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Why Does My Garage Door Not Work when its Hot in Seven Hills, NV; Will Insulating Keep it Cooler & More

Can a garage door opener overheat? For those with an electronic garage door opener you may notice certain problems with your garage door’s performance. When the garage door develops performance problems this may be due to the opener’s motor overheating. This is not common during the winter months, but it can happen. When the garage door opener does overheat, it is important to seek out garage door services. AAA Action Garage Doors would like to share some things about an overheating garage door opener and when to seek garage door services.

Can a Garage Door Overheat?

A garage door operating system can be broken down into two parts: the garage door and the motor. The garage door itself can become very hot. A metal or steel garage door as well as the tracks can overheat either due to overuse or when the garage door faces the sunlight throughout the entire day. When the garage door becomes hot, it causes the metal or steel to expand. The actual volume of the metal increases, which will cause the garage door to appear stuck or have a harder time opening or closing. The garage door is having a hard time opening and closing when the metal expands and causes the metal to bind up. It is not too common for the garage door or its track to overheat. It is a bit more common for the garage door’s motor to overheat. When a garage door motor overheats, it will actually shut down. A motor will overheat again due to overuse or when the temperature is very hot outside. A motor can also overheat when there is something causing stress on the garage door motor. If there is something that is slowing or weighing the garage door down, the motor must work harder and often this leads to overheating.

Will Insulating My Garage Door Keep it Cooler?

There are a few ways you can prevent the overheating of your garage door and the motor of the garage door opener. During the hot summer season, or if there is a lot of heat inside the garage, you will want to try to keep your garage cooler. You can do this by insulating the garage door. You can effectively keep out more heat from the sun when you insulate the garage door. By keeping the inside of the garage a few degrees cooler, you can prevent the metal from expanding, and the motor from overheating. Next you will want to address what can cause stress and overheating. This is where maintenance plays such a major role. With proper care, such as tightening, lubricating, and cleaning of the garage door system, you will reduce and prevent stress and overheating. With proper maintenance you should never have overheating problems. Adding insulation to the door’s interior channels can help keep your garage an average of 10 to 12 degrees warmer in winter and as much as 20 degrees cooler in summer.

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If you want to avoid performance issues or even possibly having your vehicle trapped inside your garage door, it is important to prevent overheating. If you find you are having overheating problems or you need garage door maintenance, repair, and other garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors and schedule our services today.

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