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When Should Garage Door Springs Be Replaced in Boulder City, NV? Damaged, Squeaking & More

Your garage door is a part of your home that people have become very accustomed to using. The first use and the main purpose of the garage is to park your car in. You can get your car out of the elements and ensure that it is secure. You can also use your garage for a workspace as well as storage. Most people will put up shelves in the garage to get items packed away that they do not need to use on a regular basis. These items might be holiday decorations or seasonal clothing. There are many types of garage doors but most of them are attached to a motor system that will make entering the garage easier. You can click a button on a remote that will activate the door and open it so that you can pull in. Most people actually use the garage as the main entrance to their home more so then their front door. There are elements of the garage that you need to maintain as well as replace on occasion. The springs are one of those elements and when they go out the door will not be able to open or close. < a href="http://www.aaaactiondoors.com/about-us/">AAA Action Doors outlines signs you need to replace your garage door springs.

How Far Should Garage Door Springs Stretch?

If you are wondering when you need to replace your garage door springs it is not always once they break. If you wait long enough for them to break it can be dangerous because they are a huge part of what is holding the door up. It can fall on someone or something that is in the path. The first sign that you can look for when checking the health of your garage door springs is if they are stretched out. They are a spring and are wound very tight and secure. That does not mean that they are not going to stretch out over time. The door is quite heavy and will cause them to weaken and stretch every time the door opens and closes. You can look at the spring and look for areas that the spring is not compacted together tightly. If you see this happening you want to have one or both of the springs replaced.

Damaged Garage Door Springs

You can also go over to the springs and look for signs that they are damaged. The springs are made of metal so the most likely damage you may see is rust. The rust comes when the springs are exposed to moisture which is common since the garage is part of the outside as well as the home. If you start to see that the springs have any rust or corrosion on them you want to make sure that you have them replaced and check the seals to keep out the moisture.

Garage Door Squeaking & Making Noises

The springs can tell you that they are not working the way they should. If you start to notice that the springs are creaking and popping when they are being activated they might be going out. If you are hearing noises from the springs it can be that they need to be lubricated but it also can be that the springs are at the end of their life.

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