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What Repairs are Needed for the Different Parts of a Garage Door System in Summerlin South, NV?

A garage door is more than just another entrance to your home. It is a complex system designed to ensure security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. However, like any mechanical system, it requires maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it functioning properly. Understanding the various components of a garage door system and the common issues that can arise is essential for any homeowner. This knowledge not only helps in identifying problems when they occur but also in communicating effectively with repair professionals. AAA Action Garage Doors will highlight the core components of a garage door system and the common repairs they may require.

Garage Door Opener

The opener is the heart of the system, an electric motor that triggers the mechanism to open and close the door. It is usually accompanied by a remote control or wall switch for operation. Some of the common repairs needed for the garage door opener are:
• Motor malfunction or burnout
• Remote control reprogramming
• Replacement of worn-out gears or chains

Garage Door Springs

Garage doors typically use torsion springs or extension springs to counterbalance the door’s weight, making it easier to lift or lower manually or with an opener. Often the garage door spring repairs are:
• Replacing broken springs
• Adjusting spring tension
• Lubrication to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation

Garage Door Cables

Cables work alongside the springs to lift and lower the door. They are essential for the safety and balance of the door. The cable often needs adjustment or some repairs such as:
• Replacing frayed or snapped cables
• Adjusting cable tension

Garage Door Rollers

Rollers help the door to move smoothly along the track. They can be made of steel or nylon and vary in quality and noise level. Rollers often need some maintenance and or care such as:
• Replacing worn or broken rollers
• Lubrication for smooth operation

Garage Door Tracks

The tracks guide the door from the closed to the open position and back. Proper alignment is important for the smooth operation of the door. The track demands constant care and repairs as problems develop, often the track needs:
• Aligning bent or misaligned tracks
• Cleaning tracks to remove debris
• Lubrication to enhance smooth motion

Garage Door Hinges

Hinges hold the sections of the door together, allowing it to bend as it moves along the track. Hinge don’t often need to much attention but, occasionally they may need repairs like:
• Tightening loose hinges
• Replacing broken hinges
• Lubrication to prevent squeaking

Garage Doors Safety Sensors

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if an object or person is detected in its path. Some of the common repairs or maintenance sensors needs are:
• Aligning misaligned sensors
• Cleaning dirty sensor lenses
• Replacing faulty sensors

Preventive Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance can prevent many common issues with garage door systems. Here are a few tips that can help ensure your garage door operates smoothly and even help extend the life of your garage door:
• Lubricate moving parts annually with a silicone-based lubricant.
• Inspect springs, cables, and rollers for wear and tear every six months.
• Test the balance of your door and the proper functioning of safety features regularly.
• Keep the tracks clean and free of debris.

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While some maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, repairs involving springs, cables, and the opener should be handled by professionals due to the risks involved. Professional technicians have the expertise and tools required to repair your garage door system safely and effectively. If you need help with repairs or other garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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