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What Maintenance is Required on a Garage Door in Eldorado, NV? Lubricate, Tighten Loose Bolts & More

When it comes to your garage door, maintenance is essential to keep it operating correctly. Having a professional come to tune-up the garage door is critical along with your own preventative maintenance steps. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to share maintenance checklist that every homeowner should follow.

What is Preventative Maintenance on a Garage Door?

Reversal System Testing. To prevent your garage door from closing down on objects or seriously injuring someone, the emergency reversal system is in place. Place a large, heavy item in the door’s way, like a brick once a month. Make sure it detects the object and reverses right away when you close your garage door. Call a technician for emergency maintenance, as it poses a safety risk to you and your family if it does not.
Check for Loose Bolts & Brackets. If not thousands, of times a year, garage doors move up and down hundreds. It is natural for bolts and brackets to loosen up a bit, as a result. To make sure they’re still tight, check them at least twice a year. You can simply get them back into place with a socket wrench if you notice they’re a bit loose.
Listen for Unusual Garage Door Sounds. It can be hard to detect when something’s not right because we mostly open and close garage doors when we’re inside our vehicles. While you’re ins, make a habit at least once a week to open and close your garage door. Note any squeaking, grinding, or scraping noises.
Watch to make sure your door doesn’t get caught in certain places or go off track as well. Call a technician to inspect the issue if any of this applies.
Lubricate Garage Door. Lots of active movement causes lots of friction. By lubricating moving parts like your opener chain and overhead springs, keep your garage door operating smoothly. To reduce friction that could lead to other potential issues, we recommend using lithium grease at least once a year.
Assess Garage Door Balance. It potentially affects other working parts as an unbalanced door can cause extra strain on your opener. Open it manually halfway to check your door’s balance. Your springs aren’t balanced if it doesn’t stay in place. You’ll want to call a professional to fix it as soon as possible in this instance.
Inspect Garage Door for Damage. A lot from the elements, such as wind, sun, rain, and anything are endured by garage doors, and there are sources that can cause damage. For internal or external damage, make it a habit to regularly inspect your door. Look for damage signs:
– Water damage
– Warping
– Termites (wood door)
– Rust spots (steel doors)
– Chipped or peeling paint
Other signs of damage like warping will need to be inspected by a garage door technician, though some of these are superficial and easily fixed.
Evaluate Garage Door Rollers. Crucial to a fully functional garage door are your rollers. Check for any cracks, chips, or general wear and tear twice a year. Call an expert to get a second opinion if you notice any of these things, as they may need replacing.
Replace Weatherstripping when Necessary. To help keep drafts and debris from getting in (or out) of your garage, weatherstripping is essential. Check the weatherstripping for any cracks or tears twice a year, ideally before summer and winter. You can typically find new materials at a local hardware store and quickly install new weatherstripping if you notice it needs replacing.

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