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Summer Garage Door Inspection & Maintenance in Boulder City, NV? Check for Surface Rust, Clean, Lubricate & More

As the weather changes from each season people change what they do and how they dress and the activities that they participate in. Most people know that the spring means major cleaning as well as caring for your lawn and your trees. The winter is when you need to start to cover any exposed pipes so that they do not freeze over. The summer is when you need to keep up on your air conditioner. You need to make sure that it is in good working condition. You also want to make sure that you know more about how to care for your garage door. There are things that you want to do to make sure that you have a good working garage door. The garage is a place that you want to make sure is working so that you can pull your car in and out of the heat. The heat and sun can be damaging to your car and can make it unbearable to get in and out through the day. There are tips on how to care for your garage door in the hot summer months. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines how to maintain your garage door this long hot summer.

Check For Surface Rust on Garage Door

One thing that you should know is that your garage door does have many metal parts. Metal is a great material to use in many circumstances due to its durability and ease of care. The problem that you might have with the metal is that it can create rust if the environment offers this ability. The problem is that the metal when it is combined with moisture can end up causing rust. The rust is something that will start to eat away at the metal and can end up causing some major damage that will need to replace parts of the garage door. The rust usually comes after the winter or a moist spring season. That is why in the summer it is important to have your garage door checked for signs of rust. If there is any rust you want to have it cleaned and cared for before it becomes a much more difficult issue.

Clean & Lubricate Garage Door

Another issue that you can see when the summer months hit is the presence of dust, dirt and debris that has started to build up. The weather that precedes the summer often cause dirt and dust to build up. The dirt and dust can make the rollers and the channels to not be able to function properly. These areas need to be cleaned out and then greased so that they are able to move freely. This is a great thing to have done in the summer months to make sure that your door is clean and taken care of. The dirt and the dust can also create a way to break down the paint and seal on the panels of the door as well.

Inspect Garage Door Motor

You also want to make sure that you also keep an eye on your garage door motor. You want to make sure that the motor is not overheating in the summer when the temperatures are at their highest. The motor may need to be upgraded or cleaned to make sure that it will not overheat when it is being used.

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