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Styles of Garage Doors in North Las Vegas, NV; Up & Over, Rolling, Sectional & More

There are a few types of garage doors that people can choose from. Most are sectional in the U.S. and the height of the garage doors vary in size; typically ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches. Additionally, the vast majority are equipped with automatic opening and closing systems. Despite the similarities, there are quite a few differences; we at AAA Garage Doors would like discuss the types of garage door opening styles for your consideration.

Types of Garage Doors

Commercial Rolling Garage Doors: More often than not, this type of garage is used in a commercial setting and is typically designed of strips of aluminum, PVC or in some cases steel and they roll up above the garage door header. The strips can be of varying height, but are typically around 4 inches and they require more clearance above the garage door in order to roll up. Because of the design, the use is limited.
Sectional Garage Doors: Sectional garage doors are typically constructed of three to eight panels and slide up and overhead. They do not require any space outside the garage to open allowing a vehicle to park very close to the garage before opening the door.
Side-sliding Sectional Doors: This type of garage door opens laterally on one side of the garage. By sliding along one rail installed on the side wall and another attached to the floor, the door’s function can be easily motorized. The practical considerations are also less ideal, especially to those who live in places where there’s snow on the ground during several months of the year, but even in the Vegas desert, this style isn’t popular.
Up-and-Over Garage Doors: Very common in homes built in the 50s-60s, these doors, secured by a sturdy steel frame, are made in a single piece. They swing widely with an arc when they are opened that may extend slightly outside the garage or remain completely inside. Located on each side of the door is the extension springs that comprises of the lift mechanism. This type of garage door is so popular because of the installation being quick and easy.

Garage Door Materials, Finish & More

No matter which functioning door appeals to you, there are still a plethora of options that factor in. Materials used, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and so on as, as well as finish, hardware, operating system, safety features, insulation options, windows, security, and so much are all decisions that are made when deciding the overall specs of your garage door. When it comes to deciding on the type, there are additional factors. If you are looking to replace your garage door, it is optimal to consult a professional who can find out the specifics of your desires and discover if your home can accommodate your choice.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When you are looking to replace your garage door, whether it is for an upgrade or to replace the garage door due to age or condition, contact AAA Action Doors. Our team of experts is happy to consult with you and discuss your options and find what type of garage door is compatible with your home and budget. After we have helped you find the most ideal garage door, our specialists are more than qualified to get your garage door installed and we offer many maintenance services to help keep your garage door in prime condition. Call AAA Action Doors today to get started.

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