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Pros of High R-Value Insulated & Sealed Garage Doors in Anthem, NV to Keep Heat Out in Summer & Cold in Winter

Being that most garages are connected the rest of the house in modern architecture, many have the garage doors efficiently insulated, which is very beneficial. If the garage is extremely hot or cold, your home is significantly impacted. However, your HVAC system is affected, in addition to your power bill in the event your garage door is not sufficiently insulated. With this in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to elaborate on garage door insulation.

Garage Door Insulation to Keep Heat Out in Summer & Cold in Winter

Without adequate insulation for your garage door, the temperatures of your garage door influence the HVAC system for controlling the set temperature of your home, as mentioned. However, your cooling and heating system is forced to compensate, sending your power bill higher than what it could be with a properly insulated garage door if the insulation is insufficient. Your home will stay reasonably cooler and warmer as appropriate for the setting of your thermostat in addition to sparing the HVAC system extra work and putting less wear on it. Regarding the insulation for your garage door, you will find some pertinent information.

R-Value Insulation

The insulation materials are measured by the R-value, which measures the thermal resistance of a material. Since the material with a higher insulation indicates a higher resistance to outdoor temperature penetration, you want the materials for your garage door to have a high R-value ideally. For better temperature control in the garage, you want to ensure the R-value is exceptional.

Insulation Materials

Your garage door insulation can be accomplished with the variety of different materials. Aside from the inherent R-value of the garage door’s outer material, many modern garage doors will have a hollow section that is filled with more insulative material. To insulate your garage door, below you will find common materials.
– Polystyrene Foam
– Polyurethane Foam
– Fiberglass
– Foil Insulant

Garage Door Seals

Depending on the season, despite if your garage door has a high R-value, there is a strong possibility that there will be gaps that make it easy for heat to enter or escape your garage. For this reason, it is vital to seal the area around your garage door. Another essential element is to make certain the weather stripping, which is the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door, is in excellent condition and does not display dryness, cracks, or tears. Between your garage and your driveway, these seals act as a barrier to the bottom of your garage door in addition to cushioning the landing of the garage door when it closes.

Importance of Garage Door Insulation

Properly insulating the garage can help you save money in heating and air conditioning costs in your home as well as contributing positively to the environment. No matter if the garage is your man cave, a place to complete projects, or let the kids have their band practice, the improved insulated garage door will also make spending time in the garage more comfortable and manageable. With proper insulation, your garage door will make your garage a more functional amenity to your home.

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