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Maintenance for When Garage Door Squeaks, Squeals, Creaks or Groans in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Most do not pay too much attention to the sounds garage doors make while they open and close, as it is usually fairly commonplace. However, when the sounds become abnormal, the noises can indicate a problem and shouldn’t be dismissed. It is not normal for garage doors to be excessively noisy though it is challenging to find a completely silent garage door. You should at least schedule an appointment with a licensed professional to inspect the source of the sounds. The unusual sounds are typically a warning sign that something is not working as it should, so in the event the garage door is making strange sounds, you should call in an expert. Dismissing the issue can result in even costlier repairs and the inconvenience of an inoperable garage door. In the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley, should you find the garage door making unusual noises, call in the qualified specialists of AAA Action Doors for efficient repairs. At this time however, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to further elaborate on the abnormal sounds garage doors make during operation.

Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors will inevitably produce a certain amount of noise while opening and closing, keeping this in mind, there are a few factors to consider that dictate the noise levels. They are:
1) Age of the garage door as well as the age of the garage door opener.
2) The garage door opener type; chain-driven or belt-driven.

Why Garage Doors Make Loud Noises Such as Banging, Grinding & More

It would be in your better interest to have both your door and opener inspected should you hear excessive or strange noises such as grinding, scraping, screeching, or rattling. There are a number of reasons as to why the garage door is making a lot of unusual sounds; they include the following of the most common:
– Springs or hinges that are worn, damaged, or broken
– Rollers that are dried or worn
– Lubrication that is lacking
– Garage door opener motor that is malfunctioning
– Screws, bolts, or nuts that have loosen
– Loose belt or chain drive
– Excessive moisture issues
– Cold temperatures

Why You Should Not Ignore a Noisy Garage Door

It is often overlooked and ignored, which results in a costly problem down the road simply due to a garage door frequently continues to function efficiently. Among many other problems, the continuous noise can result in breaking springs (which is especially hazardous), friction and vibration is caused from old roller that will eventually break, the garage door will eventually stop working, and the garage door will lose balance and be wobbly. Do not let the noisy garage door go unaddressed, as it is usually a symptom of the beginning of a serious issue and likely a worn component.

Garage Door Noise Reduction

With a few preventative actions, listed below, can help you minimize the garage door unusual sounds and failure.
1) Replace steel rollers with nylon rollers.
2) To prevent friction or rust, lubricate metal and moving parts which allows for a smoother operation.
3) Select a belt-driven garage door opener instead of a chain-driven garage door.
4) Scheduling professional maintenance services, such as inspections and tune-ups, throughout the year.

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