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Loud Grinding, Clunking, Banging, Popping & Other Garage Door Noises in Las Vegas, NV

Is your garage door noisier than it used to be? It can be worrisome when that huge door starts to make unfamiliar noises. Even if it’s opening and closing properly, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. You will want to call professionals to take care of garage door noises. When you call, they will ask you to explain the noise. What will you tell them?

Clunk, Thump, Boom or Banging Noise when Opening or Closing Garage Door

A loud thumping and clunking sound upon opening and closing the door indicates that the electric garage door opener might be having a hard time lifting and lowering the garage door. This is a common issue and is usually because a torsion spring has broken. Torsion springs are the springs installed over the door. The chance that both springs will break on a double door at the same time is highly unlikely. When a torsion spring breaks on a single garage door it’s more problematic. It can be a serious situation. Again, the door can still open and close, it’s just riskier. To determine if this is the problem just look above the door when it’s closed. You’ll be able to tell right away if the torsion spring has broken in two. This issue needs to be fixed by professionals right away.

Garage Door Makes Clinking or Popping Noises

This noise will not be as noticeable, but you will hear the clinking noise as the door opens and closes. This noise may be happening for a few reasons. It’s usually because the coils in the springs are rubbing on each other. This happens because garages tend to be humid and cool. The result is rust buildup on the coils. Another reason this clinking sound may be happening is a defective roller. You should call the professionals in if you can’t see any rust buildup and the clinking sound is present. The roller will need to be replaced.

Garage Door Opener Grinding Noise

A grinding, metallic sound is a sign that that the garage door opener’s chain or belt is too loose and needs to be adjusted.

How Serious is a Noisy Garage Door Problem?

The answer to this question depends on the problem you discover. A broken spring needs to be replaced within 24 hours for safety reasons, while, weather-stripping that appears to be rubbing together, can wait. Regardless of the problem, always hire a garage door professional to repair your garage door. Garage doors are calibrated to a certain weight and fixing it yourself can put the door out of balance, making it very dangerous. There are steps you can take to prevent or at least reduce the chances of these problems occurring in the future. Lubrication is very important. Metal parts can be lubricated by applying a small amount of petroleum-based lubricant to the rollers, hinges and springs. PVC parts can be lubricated by applying a silicone-based lubricant to the weather-stripping around the door. Don’t use any lubricants that aren’t meant to be used on garage doors.

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Maintenance and lubrication go a long way in preventing premature failure on parts of a garage door system and unusual noises mean a call to the professionals. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors for all your garage door needs.

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