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Is it Safe to Open a Garage Door with a Broken Cable in The Lakes, NV? What to Do when it Snaps!

It’s a regular day, and you are either leaving for work or coming home, but as you try to open or close your garage door, you are met with a sudden and unnerving surprise, the garage door cable has snapped! This scenario is more common than you might think, and it is important to know how to handle it safely and effectively. AAA Action Garage Doors will shed some light on this situation, explaining the vital role of the garage door cable, why it can fail, and the importance of professional intervention.

Critical Role of the Garage Door Cable

The garage door cable plays a major role in the operation of your garage door. It is integral in counterbalancing the door each time it opens and closes, maintaining control and balance. Running through a pulley at the top of the door and connecting to the spring at an angle, the cable bears the initial tension when the door moves. Once the door reaches a certain point, the spring helps to gradually release this tension. It is not just about movement, this cable also supports the substantial weight of the door itself.

Why Do Garage Door Cables Snap?

Considering the garage door cable holds up and manages the weight of a door that can often weigh hundreds of pounds, it is under constant strain. This stress can lead to wear and tear over time, especially in older doors where the cable has not been replaced. Other factors contributing to a snapped cable can include improper installation or adjustment, thermal stress, rust, corrosion, and worn-down pulleys.

Recognizing the Signs of Impending Cable Failure

It is possible to spot warning signs before a cable completely gives way. These signs often include:
• The garage door getting stuck at about the same place.
• Loud noises during operation.
• Uneven opening or closing of the door.
These symptoms often suggest the need for maintenance and potential cable adjustment, as overlooking them can lead to complete failure.

What to Do When Garage Door Cable Snaps

When a cable snaps, you might still be able to open and close your garage door. However, it is strongly advised to keep it closed until the cable is replaced. A snapped cable compromises the balance and safety of the door, making it hazardous to operate.

Seeking Professional Garage Door Help

Replacing a garage door cable is not a DIY task. The process requires precise positioning, correct tension, and securing of the cable. Improper installation can lead to premature snapping or other hazards. Professional garage door services will ensure that your door is repaired safely and effectively, minimizing risks and restoring proper function.

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A snapped garage door cable is a significant problem that requires immediate attention. It is a clear reminder of the importance of regular maintenance and the need for professional expertise in handling such critical repairs. If you find yourself in this situation, or if you are noticing warning signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to call AAA Action Garage Doors and ensure your garage door’s safety and functionality are fully restored.

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