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Is Chain or Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Best for Your House in Mountain’s Edge, NV

When replacing your garage door opener you will see some openers use a belt or chain pulley system that rotates to open and close the garage door. Many homeowners will ask which is better, the belt or the chain. Both have their own set of pros and cons and in the end it will be up to the homeowner as to which one they prefer in their home. AAA Action Garage Doors will share the difference between chain and belt pulleys and if you are replacing or installing your garage door opener which one is right for you.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt garage door openers are very popular because they are very durable and require somewhat less maintenance. They are also quieter. Garage doors often make a lot of noise because of the metal chain, where rubber belts are much quieter. The belt also rotates much smoother because of the rubber material. The rubber belt doesn’t require the need to be lubricated like the metal chain opener and can be installed or repaired much quicker. There are some who feel belt garage doors are less reliable, since belts are weaker than chains. It is true that you will never use a belt opener on heavier doors. However, for smaller and light weight doors they are reliable, very durable and are easily compared to chain openers. In extreme heat, which Nevada is well known for, our hot summer can cause the rubber belt to stretch out and weather which often requires the belt to be replaced before a chain. However, belts are not very expensive and can be quickly replaced.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain garage door openers are best known for its strength. Larger and heavier garage doors can be lifted with ease. You will see chains used for double parking garages, the single garage and for commercial garage doors. Some smaller garage doors are made with a heavier material and may require a chain versus a belt. Chains also last much longer than belts. They withstand the elements such as heat better than belts. They won’t expand or slip off the pulley. However, chains are made of metal and can rust and corrode. To ensure efficiency and smooth operation, the chain will need to be lubricated periodically. By making sure the chain stays lubricated it can help reduce the noise of the garage door. However, chain openers won’t be as quiet as belt openers, unfortunately.

Which Garage Door Opener is Best for You?

When it comes to which type of opener you should install, essentially it will come down to the size and weight of the garage door. If the garage door is light enough you will have the option of choosing either type. However, if you have a large garage door such as a double size or an RV garage, you will most likely need to use a chain. If you need help determining which one to use, ask your garage door technician.

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