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Importance of Garage Door Lubrication in Whitney, NV; Make Quieter & Prevent Overworking, Repairs & More

Generally, the garage door of your home is not given much thought until it is making abnormal noises, inefficient operation, or not working all together. Though many homeowners take the garage door for granted, if you consider the proper care and maintenance and take action, your garage door can last year after year. One important aspect of the care and maintenance of your garage door requires, is proper lubrication in the appropriate areas. The lube is an essential element to the overall health of your garage door. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss the importance of garage door lubrication application.

How Can I Make My Garage Door Quieter?

The garage door has quite a few moving parts that operate together to function. When they wear out or aren’t installed correctly, you have rollers and hinges that make noise. To name just a few of the parts, the door also has screws, roller bearings, nuts and springs. You should be able to cure any noise problem by lubricating these parts every year.

Lubricating a Garage Door Can Help You Avoid a Lock Out

Locking the garage door is often neglected by many homeowners. Garage door openers are not always guaranteed, and some homeowners deal with their garage door with an old-fashioned lock and key. Your lock can rust if you fail to lubricate the lock. You will be met with resistance, next time you put the key in the lock. At the same time you perform your other lubrication tasks, lubricate the lock and avoid getting locked out.

Should You Lubricate Garage Door Hinges?

As the door goes up and down, the garage door hinges help the door panels fold and unfold. You know how difficult it is to get the door to move if you have ever had to open or close a garage door with hinges that have been neglected. It doesn’t take the pressure off the hinges while a garage door opener takes the pressure off you as far as opening or closing the door. In order to help hinges helps them do their job, which includes preventing the garage door opener from being overworked, is lubricating them.

Do I Need to Lubricate Garage Door Rollers?

A sure sign that lubricant is needed, is when the rollers make an unpleasant screeching sound. To help your garage door move up and down smoothly in the track, the garage door rollers are needed. An additional layer between the track and roller is offered with lubricant, and this protects the track and means smoother movement. You are probably not entirely certain how to perform routine garage door maintenance if you are like most homeowners.

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If you are ever uncertain on how or what to lubricate, you can hire the professionals to take care of it with tune-ups and other maintenance services. In addition to maintenance services, AAA Action Door includes installations, replacements, and inspection services to keep your Las Vegas Valley garage door in the best condition. Call us today to schedule your garage door services. Our trained and experienced experts have the tools and materials to ensure quality workmanship.

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