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How to Secure a Garage Door in Enterprise, NV; Emergency Safety Release, Opener Remote & More

When you are living in a house you usually take time to make sure that it is secure. You want to make sure you have the only keys to the house and that the locks on the doors and the windows are functioning. The openings to the house are used for access to the dwelling by the owner but they also are used by burglars given the opportunity. You want to make sure you do what you can to secure the areas of the house that might be used to get in. One area of the house that is often overlooked when it comes to security is the garage door. The garage door is a large opening that has access to the house that should be just as secured as the rest of the house. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what you can do to secure your garage door.

Secure the Emergency Garage Door Safety Release

When you look at your garage from the inside there is usually a red cord that is hung from the motor that can be used to release the door from the motor. The motor is something that can make life easier in terms of opening and closing the door. The release is there if you need to close and open the door manually. The problem is that if someone were to gain access to that cord they could release the door from the motor and open the door manually. Now they have access to the house through the garage. You can secure the release by taking a single zip tie and attaching it to the rope through the gap that is there. This will then need to be cut from the inside to release the cord. That means that someone trying to gain access from the outside will not be able to.

Keep Garage Door Opener Remote Safe

One of the most common ways to gain access to your garage is with a remote access clicker. The remote access is something that most people keep in the car on the visor and click when needed. The problem is that if you leave it in your car then anyone walking past your house can get it as well. If you forget to lock your car they can get the clicker and gain access to the garage and that also means your house. The best thing is to keep your garage clicker in your home or hidden so that no one has access to it.

Secure Garage Door Windows

Some people are able to give their garage door some décor and you can do that with some windows. The windows are a great addition but you want to make sure that they are frosted or tinted so that people cannot see in the garage. If they can see in the garage they may feel enticed to gain access.

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