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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener in Las Vegas NV; Chain, Belt or Screw Driven, Jackshaft or Direct-Drive Openers!

Who would have thought that something like choosing a garage door opener could have so many complexities? There are actually quite a few options to consider. These options include the drive type or one that uses a motor to lift the door. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to help you realize all the options to help you select the right garage door for you.

Garage Door Drive Type

For many years, homeowners only had three options when choosing the drive type they wanted for their garage doors: chain, belt and screw-driven.
Chain Driven Garage Door Opener – This is the most commonly used type of garage door opener. It is also the noisiest. It uses a chain mechanism to pull the garage door up. This is a great option if your garage door is very heavy. This would include those made from wood, oversized doors, or heavily insulated doors. If you get an upgraded model, it will help with reducing the noise with a chain separator. This keeps the chain from hitting the track.
Belt Driven Garage Door Opener – This is one of the quietest options in garage door openers. It uses a rubber belt on a cog which much more quieter than a metal chain. The belt driven door costs more than the chain driven door, but if you are looking for less noise it may be worth it. It is just as efficient as a chain driven opener.
Screw Driven Garage Door Opener – This garage door is a good option if you have a lighter door. It operates with a screw-like metal rod that moves the door up and down. It is in between the belt and chain as far as noise. The screw driven opener requires a bit more maintenance since the threaded metal rod rubs against a drive section with plastic teeth to lift the door. If it isn’t properly lubricated it can wear quicker. It needs to be greased every few months to keep it in good running condition.

Motor Driven Garage Door Openers

The introduction to jackshaft and direct-drive garage door openers is fairly new. These alternatives are becoming more popular since they are basically noiseless.
Jackshaft Garage Door Openers – This is the most expensive option and here’s why: It mounts beside the garage door rather than on the ceiling of the garage, leaving that space free for more storage. It’s also beneficial for garages with a high or low ceiling. It uses a 24-v DC motor which drives pulleys to open the door. When the motor is reversed, the door lowers. Many of these computerized models tend to have an automatic deadbolt attached to them as well so the door locks for added security.
Direct-Drive Garage Door Openers – These openers have a J arm that moves along the track with the garage door to open and close it. It uses a motor rather than a chain and is very quiet. Some say it is the quietest option of all because it only has one moving part which is the motor. They usually come with an impressive warranty and though they don’t cost as much as a jackshaft opener, they are on the higher end.

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With so many options available it’s good to do a little research and make sure you find the right fit. Thanks for letting AAA Action Doors help you in making the best choice in garage door openers. Call AAA Action Doors today for any of your garage door needs.

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