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How Do You Fix a Garage Door that Won’t Close in Bunkerville, NV; Vacation Mode, Lock Button & More

When a garage door won’t close, it can be due to a handful of problems. Most are easily repaired, but some may take an experienced garage door technician. However it is important to troubleshoot the cause before you begin to make calls to your garage door technician. AAA Action Doors will share how to troubleshoot the reasons as to why a garage door won’t close and what you can do to fix the problem.

What Does the Vacation Mode or Lock Button on a Garage Door Do?

One common cause for a garage door refusing to close may be because of the “vacation or lock out button.” The lock out or vacation switch is part of the wall activation button or switch. To troubleshoot the problem, avoid using the hand remote. Most modern wall mounted activators will have a light. This light will show if the lock out or vacation system is active. Start by disengaging the lock out or vacation system. Each garage door model varies. You may need to check the manual to see how it is done. After disengaging the lock out system reactivate the garage door and see if it closes.

Need to Align a Picture Eye on a Garage Door?

All garage doors use a photo eye sensor that is used as part of the garage door’s safety system. There are two sensors that shoot a beam into each other. If there is an obstruction, the garage door will not close. This is meant to prevent damages, injury and even death. If the photo eye sensors are misaligned, the garage door will not close. Another problem is if the sensors are covered with dirt and the light isn’t passing through correctly. There may even be a box or object blocking the sensors. Check the sensor and see if something is either blocking the lasers, if they are dirty, or misaligned. In many cases, if something is interfering with the photo light sensor, then the safety system is preventing the door from closing.

Adjusting Sensitivity on Garage Door Opener

Another common problem that may be preventing the garage door from closing can be the sensitivity setting. It will require a garage door technician to come and inspect the sensitivity settings. It can take a few hours or even a full day before a garage door technician can close your garage door. In the meantime, you can manually close the door yourself. Look for the emergency release. WARNING: The garage door can come down suddenly so make sure it is clear and safe to close the garage door before you push the emergency release. Once the technician is at your home, they can check the sensitivity setting and make any needed adjustments to correct the problem. If the sensitivity is in balance, then the door won’t close because of another problem.

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If you’ve run through all the steps and attempted to troubleshoot the reasons the garage door won’t close, then it is time to contact the professionals. AAA Action Doors can come and inspect your garage door and determine the reason why the garage door won’t close. For all of your garage door needs, contact AAA Action Doors today!

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