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How Do I Know if My Old Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced in Providence, NV? Weather Damage & More

Every time you open your garage door you notice it is not as smooth moving up and down as it once was? Or maybe your garage is now an eyesore with your house? So how do you know when you should replace your garage door? Is it even necessary to replace it? Having a new garage door can help you in so many ways. AAA Action Garage Doors wants to help you learn why a new door is a great choice.

Old Garage Door

Getting rid of your old garage door and upgrading it to a more modern door can help the curb appeal of your home. With new upgraded garage doors, you can make it look as nice as your home is. It can have windows on the top, decorative handles, or even a rustic look. The great thing about a new upgraded garage door is, not only does it look better it also is more secure. This will ensure the belongings in your garage are kept safe.

Garage Door Lacks Sensors & Other Safety Features

One great feature to have for your garage door is the safety sensors at the bottom of your garage. These sensors stop the door from going down and make it go back up if it detects pets, children, and other objects under the door like bikes, scooters, shovels, or balls. Anything that is in the way of the sensor when the garage is going down will stop the garage door from continuing to come down on the item, child, or pet. If you have an old garage door that does not have the sensors this is something you need to consider getting.

Weather Damage to Garage Door

Your garage door sits outside and gets the hot sun, the crazy rain, and wind hitting it all the time. The weather can cause damage to your door. Over time your garage door can rust, warp or become discolored. Upgrading your door can help eliminate all of these problems you are having. Also, dirt, leaves, and other debris can become lodged inside the garage door tracks causing friction and track misalignment. When you get a new door you will get clean tracks making the door opening and closing a smooth process.

Rising Energy Costs

Have you ever walked out into your garage in the middle of summer or winter and noticed that there isn’t much of a difference then walking straight outside? You might not think that having an old garage door is costing you more money, but the newer doors are designed and built to be energy efficient while old doors can make it difficult to manage the temperature of your home.

Rotted Wooded Garage Door

The older garage doors are often made out of wood. When wood gets wet over time it can become rotted. With the newer garage doors, they are made of more durable and weather-resistant materials, helping your garage doors last longer and look nicer for many years.

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Getting a new garage door can be helpful in so many ways, from safety for kids to curb appeal. AAA Action Garage Doors wants to help you get the garage door that is the best for you and make your home safer and looking nicer in the process. Call us today!

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