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How Do I Know if My Garage Door Torsion Spring is Bad? What Causes Springs to Fail in The Lakes, NV?

As they open and close on demand, garage doors are everyday items that are constantly working behind the scenes unnoticed. These doors go through a lot of wear and tear with daily use. There may come a day when you are faced with garage door spring problems, or garage door torsion spring repair may be needed especially if you haven’t added your garage doors to your regular household maintenance plan. You may be facing garage door spring replacement should your garage doors are taking an age to open or even getting stuck and not opening at all. Though there are quite a few things that can go wrong with the garage door, having a problem with the springs is one of the serious issues. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss some of the common problems your garage door’s springs face.

How Do I Know if My Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken?

1) Garage Door Torsion Spring Breaks. Usually, the first to go on your garage doors is a garage door torsion spring. You will know all about it because it makes a loud noise similar to a firecracker, you are around when it breaks. You are probably dealing with a tension issue if your doors aren’t staying open. It is likely a broken spring if it’s opening a few inches and then stopping, however. Having a broken garage door torsion spring makes it extremely dangerous to open your garage doors. As soon as possible, make a call for garage door spring repair.
2) Garage Door Springs are Squeaky. When the garage door’s springs gets noisy, it can drive you crazy. Though it can just be an annoying noise and not a problem for your garage doors, it can also indicate that you have a more severe problem on your hands. The experts can apply lubricant, test your garage doors, and diagnose the real problem when you call for an assessment of your garage doors. Invest in some good garage door spring oil and apply every six months or so on the noisy springs if the technician does not find any other issues.
3) Garage Door Cables Snap. There are extension springs above the tracks on both sides of your garage doors. They help control the extension springs. there will then be nothing controlling your extension springs if you have a problem with your safety cables, such as one snaps or comes loose somehow. The functioning of your garage doors is impacted with this.
4) Problems with Garage Door Spring Tension. When you garage door opens, but slower than usual, it is likely a tension problem with your springs. A simple adjustment from your local garage door company may be all that is needed, or if they are worn, n expert may have to replace them. Torsion springs eventually stretch and become less effective over time and use. Though professionals can get it done easily, we don’t recommend trying it yourself. Without the proper know-how and tool, DIY repair can result in bodily injury and property damage.

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Though small, garage door springs are an essential part of the door assembly. Ensuring they are properly lubricated, securely fastened, and operating at 100% is critical. Regular maintenance by a reputable garage door repair company is in your better interest. For garage door services in the Las Vegas, NV Valley, call in the professionals of AAA Action Doors and let our professionals assist you!

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