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How Do I Know if My Garage Door is Unbalanced in Seven Hills, NV? Abnormal Operation & More

It is critical that the garage door is balanced and works seamlessly due to safety reasons. Balanced garage doors and the importance of the parameter to gauge the garage door’s efficiency is what we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss today as well as how to tell if your garage door is unbalanced.

What Maintenance Does a Garage Door Need?

The part of the garage door that keeps the door in balance is what we want to touch on before diving into the reasons behind a garage door that is out of balance. Without any hassles, a perfectly balanced door will operate. It does not make any sound while running, a homeowner can lower and raise it with minimal effort. To make the garage door function smoothly, there are several parts work in perfect tandem. The torsion springs is one of the critical components. The springs is primarily responsible for lowering and raising the door.
The springs need to be in perfect condition to efficiently operate the door, whether it’s an automatic garage door or a manually operated one. It is best to spot an imbalance in the earlier stages.

How Do I Know if My Garage Door is Balanced or Unbalanced?

Below are the early warning signs every homeowner should know. If any of these apply, contact a pro for repairs.
Abnormal Garage Door Operation. The springs are working fine if the door rises and lowers in average time. The spring tension is too weak to hold the door in place if the door comes down faster or suddenly falls.
It is a risky situation and can cause accidents.
Strong Force when Opening. The door may be feeling quite heavy while operating, and you will feel a strong force controlling the door if the door is out of balance.
Garage Door is Unable to Reverse. It may not reverse if the door is not balanced.
Garage Door Parts have Visible Signs of Wear and Tear. It causes exertion on other garage door parts such as the garage door opener if the garage door is not working smoothly and is out of balance. Since it has to work harder to operate the door seamlessly, it will take the extra load. It may stop being functional at all, as this strain and additional pressure on the opener will damage the door, over time.

Conduct a Garage Door Balance Test

Conduct the balance test by following the instructions below to know if the garage door is out of balance.
1) The garage door needs to be closed.
2) The automatic garage door opener needs to be disconnected.
3) Up to a height of 3-4 feet, lift the door manually. With one hand, a perfectly balanced door should ideally move comfortably. Using only one hand, a perfectly balanced door should ideally move comfortably.
4) On the door, now gradually loosen the grip. There is no issue with the balance, and you can reattach the door opener if the door remains in place.
5) It is working fine if the door slightly moves upwards or downwards after loosening the grip and then comes to rest. It needs to be fixed immediately if it suddenly comes down crashing or rises with force.

Hire a Pro to Rebalance Garage Door

To resolve the issue, contact a garage door specialist. Hire a reliable garage door company to fix the problem immediately so you do not put your family’s life at stake with a faulty garage door.

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