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How Do I Fix the Gap in My Garage Door Frame in Aliante, NV? Can You Fill Gaps or Realign Door?

Some may not realize that the garage doors on their homes are the largest entrance into their house. It is also the most used entrance in and out of the house for many homes. It is important that your garage doors are completely sealed for safety and security. It isn’t uncommon for gaps to start to form around your garage doors. This can cause a number of problems for homeowners. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about how you go about finding these gaps and filling them in so that your garage doors are a secure entrance once again.

How to Find Gaps Around Your Garage Doors

Before you will be able to fill in the gaps in your garage doors, you need to find them first. Some gaps are easily found as you can clearly see them, others, not so much. If you have small cracks on the sides and tops of your garage doors, they can be difficult to spot. If you have garage door gaps, there are more than likely going to be some clues in your garage including:
– Pest Problems: If you have gaps in your garage doors, mice and other insects can easily squeeze their way in. Your garage is highly desirable because of all the clutter that is found in many garages for them to build nests in and a warm place to make their home.
– Wind & Water: You might notice that wind is whipping through your garage when you have gaps in your garage doors. When severe weather hits, you might also notice that there is water leaking in through the gaps. This can have an impact on the temperature of your garage and impact your utility bills.
– Noise: When there are gaps in your garage doors, noise can become a problem too. Many people use their garages as a workspace rather that simply somewhere that they store things. If this is the case, then noise can become a problem.

How Do I Reduce the Gap Between My garage Door & Frame?

Sometimes, fixing garage door gaps is as easy as getting some weather stripping and caulking to fill in the gaps around your garage door. However, there are some situations where the garage door tracks are misaligned or bent. When this happens, it can be difficult to solve on your own. If you don’t have the training to fix it on your own, you should leave it up to professionals. They will be able to realign them safely and effectively to fix your problem.

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