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Garage Door Safety Sensor & Other Features in North Las Vegas, NV to Prevent Accidents

The garage door is the most often used entrance that homeowners use to get into their homes. More than 70% of homeowners enter and exit their homes through their garage. Since we use our garage doors so frequently, AAA Action Garage Doors decided to offer our customers some garage door safety tips to help keep your family and home safe.

Garage Door Accident Statistics

Each year over 7,000 people suffer from an injury that is caused by a garage door pinching and crushing them. Luckily this type of injury is easy to avoid. Always make sure to avoid placing your hands near the joints in your garage door so that you will not be able to be pinched. Talking to your children about the importance of keeping their cute little fingers and toes out of the joints is also important.

Garage Door Glass Panels

Many garage doors have decorative glass in their garage doors. This glass can be broken in many different ways. If you have to pick up broken glass exercise great caution to avoid injury.

Garage Door Safety for Kids

Children are injured each year while playing with their garage doors. Children just cannot grasp how heavy and dangerous garage doors can be. Educating your child that garage doors are not toys will help keep them safe.

Don’t Race Your Garage Door when Trying to Close

Sometimes it can be tempting to try and hurry and either get in or out of your garage as it is closing. This can be a dangerous game! While most garage doors have safety sensors that will sense an obstruction and send the garage door right back to avoid impact, they are not always guaranteed to work. Resist the urge to race your garage door!

Garage Door Repairs

Many homeowners will try and fix their own garage doors instead of hiring a professional for the repairs in an effort to save money. Some repairs are and maintenance are quick and simple, but other repairs are not as easy to repair without adequate knowledge about your garage door. Each year 1,600 injuries occur in garage related repairs. One of the most dangerous parts on your garage door to repair yourself is the springs. The springs in garage doors can be extremely dangerous to perform repairs on. If you want to try and fix your garage door please be cautious! If you find yourself in over your head during a repair, call AAA Action Doors and one of our technicians will be out soon to help you.

Sharp Edges of Garage Door

The metal tracks on garage doors can become sharp on the edges. To prevent cuts while doing maintenance and repairs on your metal tracks, make sure that you wear protective gloves. If you are injured by the metal tracks please make sure that you check for rust on the tracks. If rust is on the tracks you can get an infection and you will need to exercise appropriate medical attention.

Falling Sections of Garage Doors

Garage doors need consistent maintenance to make sure that they do not cause harm. Sections of the garage door can fall and cause serious harm to people and property. Over 2,000 times a year falling garage door sections cause damage to people and cars. Checking all of the bolts and hinges of your garage door routinely will help prevent this from happening to you.

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We hope that understanding garage door safety will help prevent injuries or repairs at your house. If you find yourself in need of garage door repair or replacement, call AAA Action Doors today!

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