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Garage Door Safety Features in Sun City Summerlin, NV; Reverse Sensor, Smart Opener, Tune Ups & More

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many adults and children working and doing their schooling from home. Garage Door Safety Month is in June when kids are usually out and about the most enjoying the sun but with us currently spending so much time at home, garage door safety is now more important than ever. AAA Action Doors offers helpful tips for how you can keep your garage door working safely and effectively to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Garage Door Safety Reverse Sensor

Garage doors are equipped with a reversing mechanism that will automatically send your garage door back up if there is something won’t allow it to close all the way. This is one of the best safety features for families with small children! If a child does happen to get in the way as the garage door is coming down, your sensors will send that garage door right back up and save your child. You can test this reversing mechanism by placing a board in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after with this piece of wood in the way you will want to call a qualified garage door professional today. AAA Action Doors would be happy to come and see what we can do to prevent any little fingers and toes from getting smashed by the heavy garage door by making sure that the reversing mechanism is in working order.

Importance of Garage Door Inspection & Tune Up Maintenance

Some wear and tear on the garage door opener is visible to the naked eye. It is recommended that a visual inspection is done once a month on your garage door. Visually inspecting the springs, cables, roller, and pulleys can help you see where there are potential problems with your garage door. These parts operate under high tension and can be dangerous to try and fix without extensive knowledge about garage doors and how they function. Having a professional help is most likely the safest option if visual inspection brings about concerns with your garage door. You don’t want to be one of the 300 people who suffer injuries while performing maintenance on garage door springs! If garage doors are not properly maintained it leads to the possibility of the entire garage door, or even a section or the door, can fall. In the United States over 2,000 garage doors fall and cause serious harm to people and cars. During your inspection if you see loose bolts, screws, or hinges always be sure to tighten them.

Teach Kids Garage Doors are Not Toys

Almost 100 children each year are injured while playing with garage doors. While it may seem like common sense to an adult that the garage door is not a toy, this isn’t always as obvious to children. Make sure that you educate your children that garage doors and garage door openers are not toys and can cause harm if not used properly. Each year there are 7,000 counts of pinching and crushing by the garage door’s section joints. This is an area that the reversing mechanism won’t save your child from harm. Please let them know if they put their fingers or toes in the way of those joints they will suffer a painful injury.

Smart Garage Door Openers

In recent years burglars have begun taking the garage door clicker out of your cars so that they can skip the step of actually breaking into your home and just start stealing your belongings. It is advised to never leave your remote control for your garage in your car or with a parking attendant. Many cars are equipped with buttons to program your garage door directly with that button making it unnecessary to keep the remote in your car. New technology is available where you can open your garage door with your smartphone as well.

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We hope that these simple steps outlined above will help prevent your garage door from wreaking havoc in your lives. Garage door openers are designed to make your life easier. Following the tips given here will help your garage door offer you that comfort. If you find yourself in need of garage door repairs please reach out to us at AAA Action Doors!

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