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Garage Door Replacement; Wood, Steel or Aluminum Types & Styles in Las Vegas Nevada

Let’s face it. Life is always full of unexpected surprises. Some wonderful and welcomed, others awful and to be avoided. There are many things we would rather do with our hard earned money, especially when it comes to home improvements. But sometimes the garage door betrays us and decides to no longer do its job. Which now means decision time: do you replace that garage door or let it become unusable and a future headache?

Most do not realize what an upgraded garage door does for home market value. According to Remodel Magazine the Return On Investment or ROI is a shocking 83.7%, ranking it top four home improvement projects in 2014. In addition to that benefit, an insulated door can dramatically cut your utility bills during hot and cold months. Having an upgraded functioning garage door also heightens your home security. When robbers are scoping out potential homes to break into, a well armed garage door will be a lesser target than the beaten down disabled garage door.

Let’s talk cost. You already know garage doors are not cheap, but what about the style of the upgraded door, installation and all other things involved?

AAA Action Doors has prepared the following list of garage door replacement considerations

Types of Garage Doors – The garage door itself can be major decision. There are different types and styles of doors, variations of how they open and diversity in materials used. The garage doors hardware decor can be a real improvement in appearance too. When considering insulation upgrades, it is only necessary if your garage is heated or air conditioned as an extension of your home. There is much to consider for all these choices.

Garage Door Opening Direction – Garage doors can open four ways: swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side. Be sure your home can accommodate your choices and measure twice to ensure accuracy for installing the appropriate size!

Styles of Garage Doors – The modern, contemporary or rustic look can vary as well. Some homeowners prefer the garage doors with windows, and installing shatter proof windows can improve your home’s security and an important factor when deciding the best door for you.

Garage Door Materials – Wood, Steel & Aluminum

The three materials used for garage doors are wood, steel, and aluminum. All of course need to be considered when choosing style of door and the choice of how they open.

Wood door pros and cons. The pros are simple: having a wood door can add quite a bit of charm and authenticity that other materials only mimic. Wooden doors are typically made locally and can absorb a basketball bump a lot easier. Choosing the type of wood used for construction can improve the quality of your door. Cons consist of having to regularly painting or staining your door, and warranties expire quicker than other doors.

Steel door pros and cons. Pros are amazing. For the ones who don’t like maintenance, metal doors are your perfect match. They are generally inexpensive but tough. High quality steel doors usually come with a life time covering; hardware, lamination between steel, insulation and factory paint. The downside is bare steel rusts; so scratches and dents need to be tended to quickly. Budget steel door warranty covers little and extends a short period of time.

Aluminum pros and cons. The upside is they are affordable and inexpensive. Aluminum doors are rugged and rust proof. The lightweight materials won’t strain your operating system. The lesser qualities are that rugged and rust proof quality aluminum comes at a substantial cost.

Professional Garage Door Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson NV

If you’re ready for a new garage door let the experts at AAA Action Doors assist you in making the right decisions, perfect for your home and your budget. With AAA Action Door’s expertise you can get the perfect finishing touch esthetically, the optimum function for your home’s needs and the right energy saving needs. Contact us today!

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