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Garage Door Problems in Summerlin, NV; Jammed to One Side, Stuck Open or Closed, Shakes or Jerks When Opening or Closing & More

Garage doors are the largest moving component to your home. Through multiple use on a daily basis, the garage door will experience wear and tear. With more wear and tear occurring, you should expect the need for some repairs. There are some repairs that are more common than others. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to share some of the frequent repairs we see in garage doors across the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley.

Garage Door Jammed to One Side, Stuck Open or Closed

There could be a few things contributing to sticking garage doors. A remote garage opener could be at fault, check batteries, sensors and switches first. For manually opening garage doors, check for obstructions in the wheel track first. Lubricants can deteriorate under different weather conditions and temperatures. One of the major causes of stuck garage doors is that they are hung unevenly; cables and springs need to be of even length to avoid the springs from side to side.

Garage Doors Shakes & Jerks When Opening or Closing

The easiest way and usually the most common reason to the garage door opening garage door is by removing any obstructions or debris from the tracks. If the tracks are clear and clean being the first step afforded to fixing the problem. If the tracks are clean, check the quality of the springs; they should be the same length and stretch the same amount. The motors for automatic doors that control both sides of the door may be faulty, if necessary replacing instead of repairing is what is called for.

Garage Door Makes Loud Popping or Banging Noises

Dirt or debris in the track or lack of lubrication creates the loud screeching, grinding or squealing noises you hear coming from the garage door during operation in most cases. Clean the length of the tracks where the door wheels run, do not use harsh cleaners to remove dirt and ensure the tracks are clean. Use oil specific designed for garage doors to ensure the hardware is well lubricated. To ensure the problem is rectified, run the door up and down a few times.

Garage Door Falls Too Quickly When Lowered

A falling garage door is a potential risk to people’s safety and property damage. This problem is caused by broken cables or overly loose springs. Failing springs and cables are dangerous and should not be inspected and repaired by someone who is not trained. Do not replace springs or cables on your own; contact the professionals for assistance.

Remote Control Door Opener Won’t Work

Check the batteries and switches first to make sure the device is powered up. If the problem persists the garage door still might have problems opening or closing correctly. Check the cables and clearing the tracks; the garage opener motor or sensors will likely need replacing.

Garage Door Repair & Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If your garage door is not operating at peak performance, contact AAA Action Doors and let our experts get your garage door repaired and maintained quickly and efficiently.

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