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Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting in Las Vegas NV; Belt, Chain & Screw Drive Openers & What Horsepower 1/2, 3/4 or 1?

Automobiles have come a long way throughout the course of time. Along with vehicles, so have garages; especially garage doors and garage door openers. As time goes on, modern technology advances and with that comes so many options. Garage door openers are a major component for garage door operation. Having a faulty or malfunctioning garage door opener can not only be a nuisance but a safety hazard as well.

AAA Action Doors Takes a Closer Look at Garage Door Openers!

For starters, garage door openers have three classifications; they are Chain Drive, Belt Drive, and Screw Drive. Each has their own benefits and advantages contingent on the type of garage door they are opening. When deciding on a garage door opener replacement, you should verify the garage door’s height and width, insulation and materials used for manufacturing. All these factors are needed when selecting a garage door opener.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: The chain drive garage door opener system has a chain that drives your garage door, which is installed as part of the unit fastened to a system of tension springs. It then guides the trolley in the correct direction to allow the garage door to open or close.
– Applicable for most garage doors.
– Engineered to lift the heavier garage doors.
– More commonly used garage door drive system.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: The belt drive garage door opener system operates with a rubber belt that runs the length of the rail. It runs the same as a chain drive, but with the rubber materials it tends to run smoothly without the clatter of metal on metal noises.
– Leads in ultimate performance and quiet operation.
– More optimal for garages designed near common living spaces.
– Garage door opener drive system is premium.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener: The screw drive garage door opener system moves along a threaded steel rod, there isn’t a chain, belt or gears that will get worn out and has little maintenance.
– Optimal for single door tilt operating garage door.
– Less noisy than the Chain Drive system.
– High durability.

What Horsepower Garage Door Opener Do I Need?

Horsepower is determined by the currently installed garage doors. There are also contributing factors that are needed to determine the horsepower in your garage door opener that you need to operate the garage door.
½ Horse Power Garage Door Opener:
– Sufficient to lift most garage doors.
– More commonly found in garage door openers.
¾ Horse Power Garage Door Opener:
– Moderately efficient in opening heavy garage doors.
– Motor has longevity and durability.
1 Horse Power Garage Door Opener:
– First-rate in operating heavy garage doors.
– Superior efficiency and power.

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Other features need consideration as well. For instance if you prefer more light in your garage, there some garage door openers that utilize 100 watt bulbs or LED bulb equivalents. Other options include a keyless entry pad for either finger print entry or combination entry. AAA Action Doors can consult with you on which garage door opener is better suited for your needs and best used in conjunction with the garage door you have installed. Call us today to get your garage door replaced or repaired. Our experts have the experience and skills to get your garage door and garage door opener up to par.

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