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Troubleshooting Inspection Checklist for Why Garage Door Makes Noise when it Opens or Closes in Aliante, NV

It’s a cold dark night. You need to leave your home and get to the car with haste. You grab your keys, lock up the door and spin around to turn the light on to get to your car. Alas, the garage’s last working bulb popped. No matter, the dark ominous garage is now looking spooky and you crave the safety of your vehicle. You fumble your way inside all the while feeling like you’re being watched when you hit the garage door clicker to get on the road. The startling sound reverberating off the walls scares the breath out of you. Looking around for the cause you realize the horrible sound wasn’t a scientific experiment coming to kill you, it was your garage door. After you stifle the dramatics you begin your journey all the while contemplating what made your garage door sound like a roaring beast, after all, it sounded perfect yesterday.

Noisy Garage Door

So what could be the cause of those noises? Let’s explore that. Noisy garage doors are a product of worn rollers, loose hardware, parts that are in need of lubrication, or an opener in dire need of anti-vibration pads.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

The only way to truly know what is making your garage door sound so noisy is through a garage door inspection complemented by a professional garage door repair company like AAA Action Doors. On a typical inspection, we will do the following troubleshooting and repairs when needed:
– Make the rounds and snug up all nuts and bolts on your garage door. As we are circling the door, we also give a close inspection to all parts and note any that look worn as they may need to be replaced. We also hit the moving parts with a garage lubricant.
– If the roller needs replacing, we unbolt the hinges and tilt the roller out of the track. We swap out the roller and replace the hinges. A spritz of garage door lubricant is in order for good measure.
Replacing the hinges is an easy task for AAA Action Door because we know just the correct hinge for your door. We can match up the serial numbers to be sure.
– Greasing the track down can help quiet the noises. With a gloved hand, we generously lube the track with a garage door lubricant and operate the opener a few times to disperse grease evenly.
– While we are in a greasing mood, we lubricate everything moving with garage lubricant; being careful to wipe off any excess drops. We also slip a piece of cardboard behind the torsion spring and give those a good soak.
– If necessary, we will slide one anti-vibration pad between the mounting bracket and the ceiling. The second pad goes under the bracket. We slip a fender washer onto the new lag screw and drive it into the rafter with a socket wrench or impact driver, always being sure to fasten the brackets for the opener to the rafters with all four bolts.

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It is likely that once it starts, the once scary – now obnoxious noise continues. The best thing to do in the Las Vegas Valley is reach out to AAA Action Doors and have a specialist help you with our list of expert garage door services. Our qualified technicians can locate what’s causing the noise and present a solution to the problem and fix the culprit.

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