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Garage Door Making Loud Noise When Opening or Closing? How to Quiet it in Las Vegas, NV!

Our garage doors can be opened or closed several times a day and eventually become noisy. Some of the reasons are worn rollers, loose hardware or parts that need to lubricated. The good news is that these are simple fixes.

Loose Garage Door Parts, Broken Rollers and Stripped Hinge Bolts

One thing you can do is tighten all the parts. All the nuts and bolts need to be tightened to make sure they’re snug. Be careful not to make them too tight as this can pull the carriage bolt heads right though the door skin or strip the lag screw holes. You should check the rollers too. After years and years of rolling around in dirt, the rollers, which have unsealed bearings will self-destruct. When the wear gets really bad, the rollers will actually wobble as the door moves up and down. Nylon rollers do not require oiling and are much quieter than steel but they are also more expensive. It may be time to have them installed! Nylon rollers also have sealed bearings. Worn rollers are more common than worn hinges. Track rollers need to be replaced one at a time especially if your door has torsion springs. DO NOT try and replace the rollers in the bottom brackets. The reason being, these brackets are under constant tension and will cause serious injury if you unbolt them. Hinges that aren’t functioning as they once did will make a lot of noise and can cause the door to bind and wear out the joints at the sections of the door. It is normal for a little wiggle room at the hinges but if you notice an oblong hole where the tubular hinge pin meets with the hinge bracket, the hinge will need to be replaced. Track rollers need to be replaced one at a time especially if your door has torsion springs. To avoid injury and further damage to your garage door, call a professional garage door repair company like AAA Action Doors!

Tightening the Garage Door Opener Chain Drive

After a professional has inspected your garage door and completed the above tasks that were relevant, it’s time to check the garage door opener chain. Tighten the chain as a loose one will cause the door to make loud slapping noises and will cause jerky movements as the rollers are smacked against the track. If your opener is a screw drive model, then grease the threads. With a track drive model you’ll need to lubricate the opener track with grease.

Lubrication for Smooth Garage Door Operation

A final step would be to spray the hinges, roller bearings if unsealed and the springs with a garage door lube that you can purchase at any home improvement center. Also spray the torsion bar bearings and all other pivot points. These lubricants will get down into all the parts and will dry up to form a non-tacky grease that will prevent dust and dirt from collecting on them. This should be done every six months to keep you garage door running smoothly and quietly. You can go cheaper and use oil, grease or spray lithium grease for lubrication but they will just pick up dust and grit as they don’t penetrate as well. Plus they will result in you having to deal with a noisy garage door sooner than you’d like. Again, if you aren’t comfortable with this or not sure what grease to use or how to properly apply it; call a professional like AAA Action Doors!

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When it comes to getting rid of noises with your garage door there are things you can do on your own to fix the problem but when you need the help of professionals, give AAA Action Doors a call.

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