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Garage Door Maintenance in Silverado Ranch, NV; Spring Lubricant, Adjust Cables, Check Hinges & More

Most people want to have the things in their home in good working condition. That is why they spend time cleaning and fixing things around the house to make sure that they don’t go out. You want to make sure you know what areas of the home need to have maintenance done by a professional. When it comes to your garage door there are lots of moving and working parts that need to be taken care of with general maintenance. You don’t want to wait until there is a major problem and then have it repaired. This usually means that there were smaller issues that could have made it so that you could avoid a break down. The maintenance that is offered by professionals can prevent damage and ensure that your door is in good working condition. It is a good idea to know what they are going to do for your garage door. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what goes into garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Spring Lubricant

One of the most common calls that a garage door repair company gets is that the door has stopped working and that is due to a spring that has broken. Most garage doors have two springs that are there to create the tension that is needed to get the door to move up and to move down. When you have a company come out and do maintenance they will check the springs. They will be able to look for issues with the springs such as weakening in a particular area. They can check for signs that they are rusted and they can also look for the level of tension and if it is enough to work with the garage. If there is a problem you can repair it before it is a major issue.

Adjust Garage Door Cables

The next thing you might not realize is that there are cables that are attached to a pulley system that will help to move the door. The cables that are being used are usually made of metal and that means that they can become frayed and if they break your door will not open or will not open evenly. The maintenance program can make sure that your cables are in good shape and looking for signs that they are weak and may break. A professional like AAA Action Garage Doors can adjust cables and replace if necessary.

Check Garage Door Hinges

The other area that should be checked are the hinges. The hinges are attached to each panel and hold them to the next panel. The panels needs to be secured well so that they can move with ease. If you have even a single hinge that has been damaged or broken the panels will not be level and this can cause a lot of movement which will cause stress on the rest of the unit. It is best to have your hinges checked during maintenance so that they can replace any that are damaged before they break and leave you stuck outside the garage.

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