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Garage Door Fun Facts & Trivia in Henderson, NV; Main Entry Point to House, Remote Technology, Increase in Home Value & More

When you look at your home there are some major things that will stand out. The windows, roofing materials and the garage door are some of the main architectural and style elements. The style of any home can be changed up by adjusting the look and color of any of these items. The garage door is a major part of the home and there are many different styles, materials and colors that you can choose from to add your own flare to your residence. When it comes to garage doors there are some major facts that you may not realize about them.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Facts About Garage Doors That You May Not Have Known.

Garage Door is Main Entry Point: How often do you come in and out of your home through the garage door? You may find it interesting that more than 70% of people use their garage door as the main entry and exit of their home. The original purpose of a garage was to house your car or truck so it is only likely that you would go through that door to get in and out of your car when leaving your home. The garage door needs to be treated with maintenance and care to ensure that it is working properly. When the garage is out of service it can put a kink in your daily schedule.
New Garage Door Increase Home Value & Curb Appeal: When you pull up to a house you are going to have a first impression of the home. Are you in a community where every single house has the same garage door? There is nothing that sets your home apart from the others in the neighborhood. One way that you can increase the overall look of your home and increase the value of the home is to upgrade the look of the garage door. You can have a wood or metal garage door installed or just windows installed in your existing garage door. The resale value of your home can go up with an upgrade of your garage door and it will help increase the curb appeal at the same time.
Garage Door Opener Remote: The garage doors have made some major advancements in the last ten to fifteen years. Many of the old school style garage doors did not have a motor on them and had to be opened and closed manually. Now garage doors are outfitted with a motor that opens and closes the garage door and you can access the motor remotely. They have clickers that can be kept in a purse or car and you can have a keypad installed on the outside of the garage door for access as well. The majority of people will use some kind of remote clicker to engage the garage door.

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